Grow These Insect-Eating Plants at Home

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Looking for a new hobby? Try growing carnivorous plants, which can make for a pretty fascinating, albeit slightly morbid pastime. That's right—we said carnivorous plants. While other flowers and shrubs get the nutrients they need from soil, these plants get them from insects that they attract, kill, and digest. 

The most famous carnivorous plant of all is the nasty-looking Venus flytrap, which opens to lure its prey and then snaps shut to prevent escape. While most people think of Venus flytraps as exotic plants that grow in some faraway rainforest, you can actually raise them in right in your own garden. 

Pitcher Plant Farm ships Venus flytraps and other carnivorous flora all over the Philippines. All you have to do is order from their website, and your new insect-eating friend will be delivered to your doorstep within 24-48 hours.

Located in Bukidnon, the carnivorous plant farm is owned by Volker Heinrich, a German botanist who made the Philippines his home back in 1997. While he has Filipino staff who help him run the farm, he himself handles all the orders and inquiries.


A quick look at their website will show you that they have a ton of carnivorous plant varieties. If you don’t have much experience with caring for plants, Heinrich recommends starting with Nepenthes pitcher plants, which are the easiest to grow and look an awful lot like Pokemon. Insects who are attracted by their nectar slip and fall into their pitchers, then drown in the digestive liquid inside.

Some of the beginner Nepenthes Heinrich lists on his website include N. hirsuta x spathulata, N. Gentle, N. Miranda, and N. Trichocarpa. Just make sure you have ample space if you go with the N. Miranda—it can grow up to one meter in diameter, with pitchers that are capable of drowning mice.  

Once you’ve gained more experience you can move on to Venus flytraps, which are a little trickier to care for. Here are other particularly beautiful species to consider adding to your collection:

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