Hate the Holidays? Here's a Five-Point Checklist to Get into the Christmas Spirit, According to a Study


We can’t be the only ones who hate Christmas. Forced merriment, dreaded family reunions with insulting relatives, Mariah Carey on repeat. Remind us again why we tolerate this every year? (Apart from the Christmas bonus, that is). 

If you’re the resident Grinch, you’re not alone. Christmas isn’t for everyone, especially if you lack in the most important element of the season: Christmas spirit. 

Unfortunately, that’s not tequila. It’s not even anything alcohol related. It’s a feeling—you know, that thing that ought to occupy the pitch-black hollowness in your soul. One that sparks joy in some, and nausea in others. To get into the Christmas spirit, you’re going to need to shed the grouchiness, because this study has officially broken down what defines the holiday cheer. 

Here are the five components of the Christmas spirit: 

1| bonhomie - to be agreeable and desire for peace.
2| gay abandon - to act with enthusiasm and careless freedom.
3| ritual - to follow the holiday traditions.
4| shopping - to celebrate the gift of giving.
5| a little bit of dejection - because the holidays makes everyone a little bit sad.

The study was conducted by giving 450 surveys to kindergarteners to give to their parents to answer, and according to them, Christmas is about more than commercial or materialistic things. Ironically, the study was conducted for the Journal of Consumer Marketing for the sake of capitalism. And that made us hate Christmas again. 

Joking aside, the parents who answered the study might be onto something. Christmas might be more than just the decor and marketing, it might even be about more than being merry and jolly. Based on the first item on the Christmas spirit checklist, it looks like the holiday season might just be about making peace—and that’s something we can all get behind. 


Just don’t ask us to listen to "All I Want for Christmas" again. Because all I want for Christmas is to mute that damn song. 

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