8 Hilarious Twitter Accounts That Make the Most Out of 140 Characters

Social media doesn't have to be stressful.
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As Twitter prepares to double its current character limit to 280—and even as the company just fixed a loophole that allowed a user to post a 35,000-character tweet—we celebrate these accounts that have made the most out of every single one of their 140 characters. These heroes have, tweet after tweet, made sure we get a hearty laugh out of every situation. Imagine what they'll be able to do with the expanded tweets.


Ever wonder what God thinks of everything that's going on in the world? Now all you have to do is check Twitter.

Only in Russia

If schadenfreude is your thing, then this unabashedly politically incorrect page will make your day.

Only in Asia

The videos on this page range from the hysterical to the downright bizarre.

Death Star PR

Just like real-life spin doctors, Death Star PR can be ridiculous and hilariously unconvincing. 

Pakalu Papito

We are all Pakalu Papito.

KimKierkegaardashian and Kantye West

What happens when you mash up Kim Kardashian with Kierkegaard and Kanye West with Kant? Pure gold. 

Stock Image Stories

And we thought Only in Russia was dark. 

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