Study Shows People Are Dating, Napping, and More While Working from Home

You're not alone.

Our employers' worst fears about remote work have been realized. That's right: a new study says people working from home aren't actually working the whole time. In fact, a lot of people are doing things that are considered non-work activities. Shocker.

E-conolight, a Wisconsin-based company that sells lighting products, has revealed exactly what remote workers are up to most of the time. And, let's just say, the results are pretty eye-opening. "Over half of respondents (60 percent) have taken a nap at least once while on the clock. 42 percent of people surveyed have been on a date at least once during the workday, and 23 percent are likely to call a friend or family member during a quick break," the study said.

Dating and napping are obviously popular non-work activities, but so is drinking and shopping online which are also high up for the respondents. Then, there's the mindless scrolling through social media. People aren't just plain procrastinating or lazing away. A lot of the respondents revealed that they were doing work for other companies logged in for another employer.

"We were shocked to learn that almost half of respondents have worked for another company while on the clock with their employer," researchers added. "This number was also high among male and millennial respondents, at 49 percent and 48 percent respectively. However, it’s worth noting that the pandemic’s impact on employment has pushed many to make ends meet through side jobs and contract positions. It’s possible that the 45 percent of people who have done work for another company while on the clock are simply trying to cover living expenses and rebuild their savings after a financially devastating year"


The point is... you're not alone. But, don't worry, we won't tell.

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