The 4 Best Ways to Discover New Music on the Internet

We all like to think we're taste-makers when it comes to finding new music, imagining ourselves playlist aficionados who deftly create soundscapes to perfectly fit our lives of wild after-parties and pensive train journeys.

Yet in reality you're probably still playing that 'Reading 09' collection, harboring a growing resentment for Bloc Party and grimacing every time Mr Brightside comes on. If your relationship with your music library is more senile groundskeeper than loving curator, you're definitely not alone.

But finding new music doesn't have to be a chore. With these apps and websites, discovering artists can become part of your everyday listening routine.

Who knows, you might even end up plugging your music in when the party kicks off. Just try to remember that guy falls out of favor pretty fast.

Boiler Room

Sure, you've heard it earnestly discussed at a past its sell-by date house party, but did you know live Boiler Room has something more to offer than watching a bloke with a towel on his head gurning to mind-numbing techno?

The music streaming project, which televises underground artists playing around the world, has expanded their offering to four different channels. On top of their regular beats of techno, disco, house and bass, Boiler Room's sprawl of genres now includes rap, soul, ambient, classical, dancehall, and world music to name a few. Listening to performances is a great way to discover emerging artists and you can usually Shazam specific tracks you like. Sets usually last a few hours so are great to plug in while occupied with something else.



Forget overpriced and restrictive ticket sellers and find the best live music in your city with Dice, an app which curates concerts and performances with plenty of underground listings that the bigger vendors miss out on. The interface combines listings with the ticket platform so you can buy instantly in the app. Better yet, if your friends flake on you last minute you can return your ticket to the waiting list and get a refund.

Tickets are locked to your mobile account to stop touts ripping people off or selling fraudulentlyin other words it's a ticket service that gives you what you want. The inclusion of smaller artists means you can actually get your hands on tickets so roll the Dice and see someone new to broaden your musical horizons.

Spotify Discover Weekly and Release Radar Playlists

Personalized playlists aren't exactly breaking news in the music world, but unlike on services like Pandora where you had to up-vote and down-vote tracks as an indicator for what you wanted next, or even the previous Spotify Radio setting which created playlists from specific artists, Discover Weekly feels like a mixtape made by a mystery lover. You can see the very clever computer science behind it explained here.

The function creates a personalized playlist based on your listening tastes and serves it up into your account every Monday morning. All you have to do is follow the Discover Weekly playlist in the Browse section of your accountit's that easy. The service has proved incredibly popular for the music streaming service with over 40 million users in its first year and has since been replicated by Apple Music under the moniker "My New Music Mix". If you're looking to narrow down your search to recently released music specifically, Spotify's Release Radar does exactly the same function but with new tunes.

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Sofar Sounds

With a mission statement to bring "the magic back to live music", Sofar sounds is a community of artists who perform in unusual spaces around the world. A mix of up and coming and established artists playing in unique venues ranging from a yoga studio to a living room, often resulting in an atmosphere charged with excitement and possibility. In a time where gigs are overpriced and music venues are shutting down, this feels like a brilliant loophole.

To attend you just sign up for events in your city and if successful you will receive the secret address and timings of the event. Expect a more intimate and relaxed affair than your usual gig with most of the makeshift venues allowing you to bring your own drinks. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even open up your home or space and turn it into a music venue.

Better hide that Best Of Café del Mar album though.

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