If You Don't Like the Beach, You Just Haven't Been to the Right One

There are plenty of reasons to love the beach.
If You Don't Like the Beach, You Just Haven't Been to the Right One

You may think you don't like the beach. "I'm just not a beach person," you'd tell your friends, declining every time they try to goad you into joining them for an out-of-town trip to somewhere coastal. Maybe you don't like the feeling of sand in your toes. They respect that, of course, and decide to proceed without you. Some people just aren't beach people.

But what if you aren't actually one of those people? What if you just haven't found the right destination, the beach to make you love the beach? It's possible, and it's why you should say yes to your friends once in a while. Make it your goal this year to figure out whether you really are a beach hater or just a person who needed to feel the waves.

And if you find yourself needing any more reason to get your feet wet, here are a few:

1. The ocean is a natural mood booster.
Stressed? Of course, you are. It's 2020, and everything seems to come with a feeling of impending doom on the side. That's just one more reason to head to the beach. The color blue is associated with peace, so simply staring at the ocean can instantly boost your mood. In fact, escaping to the beach has been scientifically proven to have a calming effect on humans.

2. There's usually a lot to do at the beach.
Activities vary depending on what the destination offers, but a good beach—the right beach—will have options. For adrenaline junkies, adventurous water sports like jet skiing, kitesurfing, or parasailing will be a big hit. Want a more relaxing activity for the whole family? Do a snorkeling tour if you’re going somewhere with diverse marine life and clear waters. You can also be creative and fill your downtime with activities like hunting for seashells, building sandcastles, or going on a relaxing walk along the shore. Let your imagination run wild.

3. Heading to the beach can be a healthy bonding tradition.
Perfect for family vacations and friendly get-togethers alike, the beach yields memories that can last a lifetime. Make it a holiday trip, for instance, and enjoy established family traditions–only this time you get to enjoy them with a beach-front view. Traveling during the holidays is also the perfect opportunity to experience new cultures, food, and sights, making it exciting both for kids and adults.

4. You’ll feel refreshed.
The slower pace of island life is an antidote to the city’s hustle and bustle. It lets you unplug, unwind, and reconnect with nature. If the drive that keeps you going is running low, the beach can be more than respite—it can give you the inspiration and the energy you need to get back on track.


Mövenpick Resort & Spa in Boracay is the kind of beach that offers all of these, and can potentially convert a beach hater into a bonafide beach rat.

Set in a lush tropical landscape surrounded by a private, velvety white sand beach, the resort’s top-notch amenities will make your island retreat extra special. Spend a relaxing afternoon in its multi-level pool or unwind at its serene wellness center spa. There’s also a kid’s club and playground area to keep your children entertained during the trip. End the day in its luxurious rooms—a peaceful space where you can take in all the amazing memories made during the day.

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