Jason Momoa's 'Aquaman' Workout Is Ridiculously Intense
Yeah. We'll get back to you on that, Jason.

When it comes to Hollywood's über-ripped leading men, Games of Thrones 6'4" goliath Jason Momoa reigns supreme.

But the 35-year-old has to work at it, as evidenced by his ridiculously intense training regime.

According to Muscle and Strength magazine, the Khal Drogo actor has followed the Accelerated Results 7 (AR-7) routine for years, developed by personal trainer Eric Laciste.

The full-body plan is based on a surprising combination of low reps, low weight, and little rests. The fast tempo of AR-7 increases the burn of a workout, with the aim of achieving muscular failure. This means that you can do the workout a number of times a day.

Which Momoa did, obviously. For his role as Aquaman in Justice League and his upcoming solo effort, Momoa hit the gym two hours a day, five-to-six days a week, despite revealing to Men's Health that he doesn't enjoy gym work.

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