Kuysen and Hansgrohe Mark 30 Years of Partnership and Collaboration

Their journey started with humble yet ambitious beginnings in the late ‘90s.

Kuysen and Hansgrohe Mark 30 Years of Partnership and Collaboration

Having the same vision as someone, no matter how different or how far you are from one another, can truly work wonders and enables evolution through innovation—and that's exactly what happened when two brands from opposite sides of the world teamed up to offer quality home solutions for Filipinos to experience. That is the story of Kuysen Enterprises Inc, a renowned importer and distributor of global brands in the country, and Hansgrohe, a German brand for bathroom manufacturing.

Of humble yet ambitious beginnings

Their journey started in the late ‘90s. Back then, Kuysen was a small start-up company based in Caloocan while Hansgrohe was already producing quality made plumbing with European designs.

The first-ever lifestyle showroom - Kuysen Bath Gallery in Glorietta, 1999.

Both players were severe underdogs in a Philippine market that was completely enamored by designs heavily influenced by American trends. But, cheesy as it sounds, they took a chance on each other with trust paired with industry and market foresight to guide them—one may add a ton of patience to that as well.

Flash forward to today, Kuysen and Hansgrohe celebrate 30 wonderful years of partnership—and those who benefit are their patrons who continue to experience top-notch German craftsmanship for their kitchen and bathroom needs.

First-generation Hansgrohe faucets.

It was a calculated decision by Hansgrohe to partner with Kuysen, who at that time, was fairly a newcomer in the market. While Hansgrohe trusted the resolve and diligence of Mr. Kuysen Go, its founder; Mr. Go believed in Hansgrohe and was committed to making things work. And true enough, their partnership bloomed beautifully into what it is today.

Kuysen and hansgrohe’s 30th Anniversary Token of Appreciation.

Celebrating three decades in the Philippine market, Kuysen and Hansgrohe both acknowledge that they could not have done it alone. “A big part of our success should be attributed to our industry partners, the local architects, designers, and property developers who welcomed the challenge to adopt Hansgrohe designs and European specifications. It is these industry partners that propelled Hansgrohe into becoming the luxury household name in the country that it is today,” noted Jensen Go, President of Kuysen.

Building an organic following

There's something to say about standing out and having something different to offer. At that time when options were limited to the usual American bathroom styles, Kuysen introduced Hansgrohe into the Philippine construction industry, broadening the range of choices with a host of products with sleek, minimalist, and contemporary designs.

Hansgrohe shower at the Kuysen Design and Experience Center.

Through the years, Hansgrohe remains a key player in the mid-high to the luxury segment, not solely for its design but more importantly because of its attention to functionality.

But if you asked us, the enduring quality of Hansgrohe has to do with the ceramic disc cartridge or the engine found in every Hansgrohe faucet. These cartridges continue to be made in the Hansgrohe factory in Germany, assuring consumers of quality. Of course, not to be overlooked is the durable finish of a Hansgrohe faucet. These notable qualities ensure longevity and seamless performance that allow the customers to enjoy the products across generations—the key to remaining relevant in a world where there's always something new.

Hansgrohe faucets at the Kuysen Design and Experience Center.

“We believe that Hansgrohe gained loyal customers in the Philippines because of these reasons. You can add to that the sincere pre-sales consultation and after-sales service that each of our customers receive at Kuysen,” noted Ernie Reyes, VP for Sales and Marketing.

(L-R) Jensen Go, Arch. Bobby Ocampo, Ernie Reyes

The future of Kuysen and Hansgrohe

Moving forward, Jensen Go shares: “As we celebrate 30 years of our partnership with Hansgrohe and you, our industry friends, we are even more resolute in bringing to the country, innovative and exemplary products that the Filipino homemaker truly deserves. We will continue to bring ground-breaking bathroom and kitchen products that will make our partners proud to be specifying the Hansgrohe and Kuysen brands to their clients and property developments. We remain fully aware that it is because of the resilience and excellent quality in the heart of every Hansgrohe that keeps our customers glued to the brand and to the Kuysen brand of service."

(L-R) Andrea Cadiente, Arch. Jen Maglaqui, Jonina Allison, Rommel Tiana, Greg Eva, Ferdie Capati

(L-R) Mark See, Arch. Daniel Go, Jensen Go, Ann Dee-Santiago, Jerson Santiago

(L-R) Carol Bingabing & Lee Rose Ollina, Ernie Reyes, Jensen Go, Jerome Galarpe, Amabelle Dizon, Arch. Randall Lao, Chat Fores, Nanette Bautista

(L-R) Marvin Satingin, Sandra Brand, Betsy Macaraeg, Mae Ann Alterejos, Marco Wee, Luigie Magtuto, Lawrence Paray, Martin Low

To know more about Kuysen, visit their website. For the latest updates, follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram (@kuysenofficial).

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