A Man's Guide to Cool

Being sure of who you are will definitely help.
A Man's Guide to Cool

Cool is a feeling, a mindset, a way of being and acting. It’s an attitude. Here are a few lessons on how to be that one guy who just really gets it:

Develop your own voice.

Discover what you stand for, what your talents are, and cultivate them. Don’t be afraid to be different. Ingenuity is the bread and butter of cool people. They take on their uniqueness and develop it into their own personal brand of swag.

Have a plan but know how to adapt when life throws curveballs at you.

The cool guy has everything mapped out. He has everything under control even when circumstances force him to retreat and reconsider. Be that man who knows how to drag out a win out of even the most dismal situations. Focus on finding solutions instead of giving up or leaving things in a lurch.

Be independent but don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.

The coolest people in the world tend to do their own thing, their own way. If you want to be cool, start with doing things on your own. Do something because you want to do it, not because you’re looking for attention and approval. But never think yourself invincible. if you find yourself in a bind, seek out the counsel of good friends. Cool doesn’t dissipate even in moments of weakness or need.

Have a positive outlook in life and don’t bring people down.

Being kind in a world where people step over everybody else to get to the top is cool. Be that guy who channels positivity rather than toxic energy. Hand out those beers with a genuine desire to be nice. Laugh with people instead of at their expense. Show both passion and compassion.

No matter who you are, be your own man.

The coolest people know who they are, and they accept it. They are unflappably self-assured but not arrogant. To be cool, you have to think, look, and feel cool. Pull on jeans and a T-shirt (or a customized suit), muss up your hair just right, and confidently take on the world. Smelling great can also help boost your confidence. Use Axe Body Spray to help you feel fresh and cool. It won’t always be a walk in the park—maybe more like a swagger—but at least you’re marching to the beat of your own drum.

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