A New Study Finds That Some Men Believe They Can Beat a Lion in a Fist Fight


Plenty of surprising study results have come out in recent years, but a new study might just trump all of them. A survey has revealed that-get ready for it-10 percent of men believe that they could take a lion in a fight. Not just any fight. A fist fight.

YouGov, a British polling firm, conducted the survey by asking 1,224 U.S. adults who they thought would win hypothetical fights of 34 different animals. The survey also decided to spice things up by including humans in the match-ups. Participants named the elephant the king of beasts with a 74 percent win-rate.

"The results show that the elephant wears the crown in the animal kingdom-but only slightly," said Matthew Smith, YouGov head of data journalism. "Elephants had a win rate of 74 percent, just fractions of a percent ahead of their single-horned cousins-the rhinoceros-in second place, also on 74 percent."

A number of respondents also said they thought they would be able to beat up a lion unarmed. Yup, eight percent of men and seven percent of women said they could win. Past data from YouGov highlighted male overconfidence but, in this case, there's no gender difference as both men and women thought they could beat grizzly bears, lions, and more in combat.


Some of the results made more sense than that, however, with 72 percent saying they could confidently fight a rat and win. What other animals were involved in the study? House cats, geese, dogs, eagles, chimpanzees, king cobras, kangaroos, and more.

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