Brand Loyalty: These Are the World's Most Popular Brand Tattoos

Based on Instagram posts.

Few things are as personal and as intimate as getting a tattoo. To have symbols or words permanently etched into your skin takes a certain level of comfort and commitment, and clearly, whatever that is holds significant meaning, enough to carry it around with you for the rest of your life (or, you know, until you decide to zap it away via laser).

While many people decide what tattoo to get based on their immediate surroundings and experiences, some are influenced by the world’s biggest companies and brands, which only goes to show the extent of the capitalistic society we live in today. Whether it’s nostalgia or genuine brand love and loyalty, people often get attached to global companies enough to want to get tattoos of them.

But which brands are tops when it comes to people getting them tattooed on their bodies? To find the answer, the website DealA looked at over 50 of the world’s most popular brands to reveal which companies and industries inspire the most ink, based on the number of Instagram hashtags. DealA checked the IG posts that were tagged with the brand name followed by tattoo (e.g. #Disneytattoo) 

Based on this metric, there is a clear and undisputed leader, with a total of 474,458 hashtags, the standout brand on the list is Disney, which has more tattoo posts on Instagram than all of the other brands combined. A casual check on the hashtag on Instagram reveals tattoos of all shapes and sizes featuring Disney’s deep well of IP: from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to all of the princesses. Half a century later, the legacy of founder Walt Disney continues to leave a lasting impact for generations of fans all over the world.


At a far second place is Japanese video game company Nintendo, with 43,648 hashtags. The brand behind games like Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros has a rabid fan base and one that won’t hesitate getting tattoos of their IP.

At third place and the highest-ranking automobile brand is Harley-Davidson (11,804 hashtags), just ahead of the highest-ranking toy brand Lego (11,764). 

Rounding out the top five is sports apparel company Nike, with 7,333 hashtags. 

Photo by DealA.

Sorted by category, the most popular media brand after Disney is Nickelodeon (1,784 hashtags), with Netflix making it to the Top 50 at number 21 (1,085 hashtags).

After Nintendo, the most tattooed gaming brand is Playstation (6,682 hashtags).

In the world of fashion, after Nike, the most tattooed brands are Vans (7,255 hashtags), followed by Dior (7,019 hashtags), Armani (4,166 hashtags), Chanel (1,608 hashtags), and Gucci (1,288 hashtags), Adidas (1,200 hashtags), Converse (1,137 hashtags), Louis Vuitton (1,115 hashtags) and Hermes (1,063 hashtags).

As for automobiles, Harley-Davidson is a clear winner because tattoos are an integral part of biker culture. But after the classic motorcycle brand, Volkswagen is second with 5,991 hashtags, followed by Tesla (3,246 hashtags), Jeep (2,864 hashtags), Cadillac (1,954 hashtags), BMW (1,838 hashtags), Ford (924 hashtags) and Honda (890 hashtags).

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Finally, the most popular food and beverage brand tattoo based on the study is Coca-Cola, which is at number 25 with 897 hashtags. Others in the list are McDonalds (306 hashtags), Starbucks (286 hashtags), Pepsi (199 hashtags) and Oreo (159 hashtags). 

What big brand would you get a tattoo of?

See the full list of the most popular branded tattoos here: 

Photo by DealA.

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