These Are the Most Valuable '90s Toys, According to Study

Hey, you. Yes, you! Over there, the millennial reading this. Now that you're in your early- to mid-30s, your toys are finally worth a whole lot more than they were during the '90s. That's right, yesterday's toys are today's collectables.

A newly released report has revealed which '90s toys are now worth a fortune. The study, conducted by the experts at TheToyZone, analyzed 343 vintage toys to figure the list out. The '90s were a golden age for toys, so it's no surprise that the list is varied. From Beanie Babies to Furby, here are the most valuable '90s toys.

Check them out below.

  1. Beanie Babies Rainbow The Chameleon (1997) - $50,000
  2. Beanie Babies Valentina (With Errors) (1998) - $29,999
  3. Beanie Babies Valentino (1994) - $25,003
  4. Beanie Babies Pouch (1996) - $19,000
  5. Beanie Babies Princess Diana (Rare Edition) (1997) - $18,950
  6. Beanie Babies Maple The Bear (With Errors) (1997) - $18,000
  7. Beanie Babies Curly The Bear (1996) - $15,000
  8. Beanie Babies Patti The Platypus (1993) - $15,000
  9. Beanie Babies Peanut The Royal Blue Elephant (1995) - $15,000
  10. Nintendo 64 Goldeneye 007 (1997) - $14,499
  11. Beanie Babies Claude The Crab (1996) - $14,000
  12. Electronic Furby (1998) - $10,000
  13. Home Alone 2 Deluxe Talking AFA 75+ (1995) - $10,000
  14. Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros (1999) - $9,976
  15. American Girl Felicity Merriman (1991) - $7,820


Though the report says rare, well-preserved toys from the 1990s are worth a mint in 2021... the study's authors ask, "Were you the type of kid who showed cardboard no mercy? Or did you spare a thought for future (broke) you?"

If you're the latter, then you're in luck. Selling off the dusty Beanie Babies in your storage boxes could leave you set for life (or at least able to pay the mortgage).

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