Pet Owners Break Down How Much They Actually Spend on Pet Food per Month

Pet nutrition is a top priority for these Filipino pet parents.

Pet Owners Break Down How Much They Actually Spend on Pet Food per Month
Photo by JL Crespo / Gab Columbres.

FYI: According to a recent survey by pet food brand Royal Canin, Filipino pet owners spend the most money on pet nutrition, particularly food, vitamins, and treats. And when deciding on a pet food brand that can provide proper nutrition for their pet, the majority of them prioritize nutritional value, followed by price and whether their doggo or cat likes the taste.

To learn more about this, we reached out to three pet owners who can identify with the survey results and asked them whether they consider it worth the expense.

‘Humans and pets have different nutritional needs, so what’s beneficial for us may be harmful to them’

Photo by JL Crespo.

Human food can lack certain nutritional needs. So, JL Crespo looks for pet food with quality ingredients that address two-year-old shorthair Waffles’ health needs. A recent victory for JL and Waffles was when the cat succeeded in gaining the necessary weight through his diet.

A new fur parent, JL consults with experts to learn more about Waffles’ unique nutritional needs. “Having a pet is not just for fun; it’s a responsibility. With a little research and help from friends who are long-time fur parents, you should be fine,” he shares.

Here’s how much he spends on Waffles’ food per month:

  • Dry cat food: P310
  • Wet cat food: P310

Total: P620/month

‘We make sure to give my dog only hypoallergenic pet food brands’

Photo by Gab Columbres.

Some dogs and cats have sensitivities, a fact that Gab Columbres can attest to in her experience with one-year-and-eight-month-old Golden Retriever Alfie, who used to have hotspots, a type of skin irritation in dogs.

“Prevention is better than cure. So, it’s better to give our pets the nutrition they need and deserve, rather than spend a lot of money on future vet visits and treatments should they get sick because of a lack of proper nutrition,” Gab says.

“Believe me when I say investing in great dog food brands, vaccines, and prevention medications goes a long way for you and your pet.”

Here’s how much she spends on Alfie’s food:

  • Dry dog food - P1,000 - 2,000
  • Wet dog food - P350

Total: P1,350 - P2,350/month

‘I am very specific that it should be formulated based on my pet’s breed and age’

Photo by Chester Anter.

Chester Anter ensures that his 10-month-old Persian kitten, Abu, gets the right kind of nutrition by feeding him pet food appropriate for his pet’s breed and age. To equip him with the right knowledge, Chester reads up on his pet’s breed on online forums and gets expert advice from a veterinarian.

Chester says that because Persians have long hair, he chooses pet food that promotes healthy fur and a shinier coat, and makes managing hairball issues easier.

Here’s how much he spends on Abu’s food:

  • Royal Canin Instinctive Kitten Wet Food: P1,440 (P720 for a box of 12 pouches twice a month)
  • Royal Canin Kitten Persian Dry Food: P625 (P1,249 for a 2-kg bag every 2 months)

Total: P2,065/month

One thing these pet owners agree on is to not skimp on legitimate pet food that offers the correct nutrition for pets. To do this, you need to research your pets’ unique needs and the different kinds of pet food on the market. As far as palatability and nutrition go, one pet food brand you can rely on is Royal Canin.

This brand has an extensive array of pet food tailor-made for both dogs and cats. Even better: it takes into account their breed, age, size, sensitivities, palatability, snout, teeth, and skin concerns, among others.

So in conclusion, is their pets’ nutrition worth the expense? These pet owners could not agree more.

Chester points out, “FURenthood is not easy, but it's all worth it! Providing your pet with the best nutrition they deserve is the only thing we can give back in exchange for the love and comfort they provide.”

Learn more about Royal Canin and its products by visiting its official website. Follow its Facebook page for updates.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with ROYAL CANIN.
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