7 Filipino Businesses With Green Products that Fight Climate Change

These local businesses are promoting sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

You don’t need to look far to see the most recent casualty of climate change. Last week, Good Shepherd announced they’ve run out of supplies of ube or purple yam because of global warming. Purple ube simply wouldn’t grow anymore, according to Good Shepherd’s ube farmers.

One of the ways you can help in the fight against climate change is by using eco-friendly products. The following are just some of the many local businesses and products that are taking climate change seriously. Every single act counts, no matter how big or small. 

1| Philippine GeoGreen

Since 2009, Philippine GeoGreen has been providing the construction industry in the Philippines with green products as sustainable alternatives that not only reduce costs but also lessen carbon emissions.

The Solatube, Ecoloblue, and BioCleaner

Photo by Philippine GeoGreen, Inc.

Among its eco-friendly products are the Solatube Daylighting System, which makes use of natural light for office and home lighting by diverting sunlight into specialized tubes, the Ecoloblue Air to Water Machine, which saves water and energy by collecting humidity from surrounding air and turning it into drinking water, and BioCleaner, a breakthrough technology that treats all kinds of organic waste in rivers, lakes, and bays.


2| One Renewable

Photo by One Renewable Energy Ent. Inc. 

One Renewable is a local business that empowers Filipino farmers by giving them access to sustainable technologies to improve their livelihood. Among the products it designs and develops is the solar irrigation system, which replaces traditional diesel-powered irrigators used in thousands of farmlands in the country. So far, One Renewable has installed its solar irrigation system in over 400 farms all over the Philippines, which roughly translates to 20,000 hectares of farmland.

3| Bayong Bistro

Bayong Bistro is focused on environmental conservation by designing and creating green products such as hand-painted bayongs, and selling edible straws and cassava bags by The Green Cradle. The colorful edible straws are made from rice flour and cassava starch. The edible straws last up to four hours in cold drinks and come in different colors. Once soaked, you can eat the straws like you would a stalk of celery. 

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Bayong Bistro's Hand Painted Bayong, Edible Straws, and Cassava Bags

Photo by Bayong Bistro

Bayong Bistro also sells cassava bags, which are sustainable alternatives to plastic bags. These look like ordinary plastic bags but are non-toxic and digestible, in case they find their way into the ocean and marine animals accidentally ingest them. The movement of the sea and the saltwater naturally disintegrate the bags.

4| The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts

The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts is one of the first groups of hotels in the Philippines to ditch single-use plastics across all its properties, including The Bellevue Manila in Alabang, The Bellevue Resort Bohol, and B Hotel Quezon City. It uses water dispensers, pitchers, glass bottles, and biodegradable water-in-a-box instead of using plastic water bottles. It also ditched single-use plastics in its bath amenities in favor of refillable shampoo bottles, bath gels, and soap. According to the company, it is able to save about 503,000 plastic bottles and 754,000 single-use plastics every year.


The Bellevue Manila in Alabang

Photo by The Bellevue Manila

It has also partnered with World Wildlife Fund Philippines to promote a plastic-free Philippines. In 2018, the Bellevue Hotels and Resorts led the biggest international coastal cleanup in Bohol, which was participated in by 338 volunteers. They collected 750 kilograms of trash

6| Bambike

Riding a bike is considered as one of the most sustainable and healthful ways of reducing carbon emissions. Bambike is taking that idea a step further by producing bicycles made of bamboo. Bambike is a socio-ecological enterprise that emphasizes fair-trade labor and sustainable building practices.

Its bamboo bikes are made by builders from Gawad Kalinga, a community development organization that aims to empower the poor and put an end to poverty in the Philippines. Through Gawad Kalinga, Bambike employs rural villagers and provides them full-time, fair trade work opportunities by teaching them how to make bamboo bicycles using environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques.


7| Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy is a household name when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products. The company produces a variety of green products that are natural, chemical-free alternatives to traditional cleaning products such as cleansers, room sprays, odor absorbers, linen sprays, deodorizers, and detergents. They even have Messy Man Sports Spritzer which is designed for men. The sports spritzer is 98 percent plant-derived and can be used as a spray for your gym bag, shoes, and sweaty clothes. It is even recommended as a body spray.

Messy Man Sports Spritzer

Photo by Messy Bessy

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