A Pasay City Resident Took Photos of Pililla, Rizal's Windmills From His Condo

'The atmosphere is so clean today-no smog, no air pollution.'

A Pasay City posted a picture of the beautiful Pililla Wind Farm's windmills.

The windmills are in the town of Pililla, Rizal but what's surprising is that they were taken from Pasay City.

Photographed by Donald Pancho, the wind turbines were shot from his condominium at F.B. Harrison Street, Pasay City, which is approximately 50 kilometers from Pililla.

Pancho uploaded the photo to his Facebook account on April 1, with the caption: "COVID-19 Metro Manila lockdown Day 18. The air or atmosphere is so clean today—no smog, no air pollution. From the rooftop of our place in Pasay City, I can see a part of the Pililla Windmill Farm in Rizal province, which is roughly 50+ kilometers away."

While many were impressed by the photo, some questioned whether it was edited because Pasay is far from Pilillan. In an interview with, Pancho confirmed that he really caught the rare view of the windmills.


"The mountain range is visible from our place, but the windmills, before the lockdown, is not so visible, so hindi ko pinapansin," he said. "Weeks after the lockdown, naging visible na siya with the naked eye, so I got interested and decided to take a shot. It turned out good."

He added, "I used 70-300 mm Nikkor DSLR camera lens attached to a D7500 Nikon camera."

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When nearby, the wind turbines of the Pililla Wind Farm are as tall as a 33-storey building—just that, it's usually mountains on the backdrop.

The farm is located on the Coastal Coast of Pililla, and can be reached when you come from Laguna or take a trip to Tanay.

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The 60-hectare property was developed by Alternergy Philippine Holdings Corporation in 2005.

In a 2016 Philippine Star article, Alternergy Chairman and Former Energy Secretary Vince Perez provided the history of the turbines.

The windmills were to be built at the famous Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte. But they moved the construction site to Rizal "due to transmission congestion in northern Luzon."

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The Rizal Wind Farm project is worth 145 million USD, making it one of the largest investments in the province of Rizal.

We can say that Donald Pancho has given us a chance to enjoy something that wasn't always seen in a noisy and chaotic environment.

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