'Dachshund' Is Apparently Not Pronounced As 'Hotdog Dog'

Or even wiener dog. We are heartbroken.

There’s a joke that every fluffy dog in the Philippines is called a “shizu” regardless of whether it’s an actual Shih Tzu or just another small furball. We take this as a compliment toward the breed that’s undoubtedly the most popular dog in the country. Everyone loves a Shih Tzu and the fact that it’s an easy breed to pronounce. The same can’t be said for others. If you happen to have one of the dogs below, here’s how to correctly pronounce the breed name.

But don’t worry. They all respond to “good boy.”

Bichon Frise

Pronounced as: “bee-shawn free-zei”

Not as: “bitchin frizzy” or “shizu”

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Pronounced as: “dax-snd”

Not as: “dush-and” or “hotdog dog”


Pronounced as: “suh-moy-yed”

Not as: “sa-moyd” or “big shizu”


Pronounced as: “pa-pee-yawn”

Not as: “pa-pill-yon” or “skinny shizu”

Belgian Malinois

Pronounced as: “bel-juhn ma-luhn-waa”

Not as: “bel-juhn ma-li-noys” or “German shepherd”

BONUS: Xoloitzcuintli

Pronounced as: “show-low-itz-queent-ly”

Not as: “the dog in Coco”

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