The Tyranny of Topless Selfies Must End, According to This Classic Clothing Label

Genius advertising that we all need.
IMAGE Fruit of The Loom

The epidemic has spread to almost every corner of the earth with Internet access. It’s its own kind of virus—one that has claimed the dignity of thousands of men, and that continues to spread at a yet-unmitigated pace. This is the epidemic of the topless selfie: a blight upon mankind and the focus of a new campaign by Fruit of The Loom:

Okay, now that we’ve had our fun, let’s state the obvious: This is a satirical ad campaign, launched recently by the American clothing company, and meant as a tongue-in-cheek jab at contemporary masculine vanity. It really shouldn’t need to be pointed out, but when you consider the kind of shit that people believe these days, you’d prefer to be safe than sorry.

Fruit of The Loom’s campaign, #PutAShirtOn, aims to “Stop the senseless spread of shirtlessness” by giving customers the chance to gift an afflicted person with a Fruit of The Loom Eversoft tee. Every shirtless selfie, they’ve assumed, is a cry for a quality t-shirt.

And that’s where the joke ends. Because Fruit of The Loom—a 167-year-old clothing company—is still churning out some pretty solid, affordable T-shirts and underwear. To Filipinos, Fruit of The Loom tees have been a balikbayan box staple, because they really are a great value proposition for their price point. On top of that, the Eversoft “Dual Defense” technology helps with odor and moisture, so your T-shirts and tanks are even more practical and reliable. So if, by chance, you’ve been taking topless selfies because of a T-shirt deficit in your wardrobe—and not because you’re obsessed with your own gym gains—this might actually be the answer.


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