FinalStraw Will Convince You to Start Using a Reusable Straw All the Time

Its straws are compact, portable, and dead useful. Also, good for the earth.

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Straws: the most contentious liquid delivery system in America, thanks to Starbucks and proliferating city-wide plastic straw bans. But hey, we gotta do all we can to be responsible inhabitants of this earth. And so now is the time to buy and start regularly using a reusable straw. For drinking breakfast smoothies. For drinking midday iced coffee. For downing water, because hydration is important. Even for cocktails (although you could just sip your drink without a straw at all).

FinalStraw makes reusable straws that are genuinely meant to be with you all day, every day, without disrupting your entire lifestyle. And yes, it doesn't seem like a straw choice would impact you so much, but here you are, still using single-use plastic. Or stuck with an inferior reusable straw that you rarely use at all. Be the change you want to see in the world. Get a reusable straw, like the FinalStraw 2.0.

There are multiple color options for the straw and case.


The straw design is innovative.

The FinalStraw 2.0 works as a straw should: You suck, and then liquid reaches your mouth. (It even works with smoothies, albeit not as well when they're thicker.) Now that that's out of the way. What sets this reusable straw apart is its flexible sizing and its materials. It's a stainless steel straw, which makes it strong, and the tips are capped with food-grade silicone, so you don't get that metallic taste that comes with cheaper reusable straws. It's also a long straw, again unlike a lot of cheaper options out there, measuring about nine inches in length, so it won't get lost in your drinks. And then, when you're not using it, it folds down into a fraction of its original length. Innovative! So innovative, in fact, that FinalStraw—which was born out of a Kickstarter campaign, the people want their reusable straws—patented the design.;

The carrying case is small—about the height of a Bic lighter, and a little fatter.

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You can pack it up in a second.

When the FinalStraw 2.0 is folded up, you simply pack it into its carrying case, which comes with it, and go. The case is compact enough to slip into a bag, and if you're traveling even lighter, there's a key chain loop. The case has a magnetic closure, which'll keep it snapped up tight. Straws that don't bend up or come with portable cases are easy to leave behind, defeating the entire point of trying to reduce your waste with a reusable product. There's no excuse for "forgetting" this one at home, though.

The straw and cleaner both fold up to fit into the carrying case.


It's simple to keep clean.

Also in that carrying case is a bristled cleaning brush that extends just long enough to get at the entire inside of the straw but collapses down small enough to fit in the case, where it has its own slot. So that's daily cleanliness taken care of. For deeper cleans, the straw itself will go into the dishwasher. And that's pretty much it. Turns out it's not so hard to be a person who drinks liquids in an environmentally responsible manner throughout the day.


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