This Local Hotel Offers Bubble Pods For Dining and Relaxation

IMAGE Sheraton Hotel Manila

If you’re itching to go out and see things besides the four walls of your house but are still wary of catching the virus, here’s something you might consider. A local hotel is offering its guests a nice meal or a massage by the pool in an enclosed space so you won’t need to worry about getting exposed to other people. 

The Sheraton Manila Hotel introduced bubble pods last December, claiming it’s the first in the Philippines. The idea is pretty much self-explanatory: you can eat lunch or dinner inside an area protected by a plastic bubble.


According to the hotel, arriving guests will go through the usual health check, including a forehead thermometer. They will then be ushered to the pods—which it calls Vubbles—where only their companions or family members are with them.

Initially, guests can reserve the pods to enjoy a specially curated five-course meal, but the hotel had also earlier mentioned that it may be used as a kids play area or a place where they can get a relaxing massage.

Photo by Sheraton Manila Hotel.
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Restaurants and hotels have started adapting to the radical changes brought about by the health crisis, and, in this case, it looks like Sheraton Htel Manila took it one step further. It's something straight out of a science fiction novel.

The question, is will people try it out?

Watch a video of the Sheraton Vubbles here:

For inquiries and reservations, phone 09178597458.

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