Summit Media unveils new logo (and an entirely new brand identity)

Our mama got a makeover.

At Esquire, we understand more than most that making a great impression matters. That it’s important to stay relevant while staying true yourself. That being truly innovative is never at odds with being proud of one’s heritage.

Summit Media is the country's leading publishing company with dominant titles across websites, magazines, books, and billboards. It is also Esquire’s home in the Philippines, and today we’re proud to present Summit’s new logo by Plus63 Design Co.:

Dan Matutina, the co-founder and head designer of Plus 63 Design Co., says the new logo is "distinct and legible for print and digital screens."

Working with Dan, an artist whose work has been featured in The Washington Post’s 2016 List of Best Illustrations, the vision for the new logo was to "present the progression of Summit Media—it being the authority across content platforms." 

“It also aims to communicate editorial leadership and strengthening connections to its core audience,” Dan adds. “The logo presents a striking and fresh visual. It can hold its own without being overpowering alongside other content engaged by the core audience: Millennials." 


The new logo showcases ambition and ascension: a constant climb towards excellence. With it, Summit communicates editorial leadership and the importance of digital media.

It is also a beautiful thing to look at, we think.

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