The End Is Near for Twitter

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Leave it to Elon Musk to run our beloved bird app into the ground. Reports have recently surfaced about a exodus of key employees in the company, prompting users to think that the end is nearer than we all expected.

Well the guy did promise big changes, right? Early on, Musk had fired roughly half of Twitter's 7,500-person workforce. More dismissals and resignations have followed because of the Tesla chief's managerial style. Nobody likes a technocrat for a micromanager, we suppose. It all came to ahead when Musk apparently announced an "extremely hardcore" new work culture in the company.


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According to The Verge, employees had gotten a deadline of 5 p.m. E.T. to stay with Twitter or to get a package of three months' worth of severance and leave. Welp. Most of them chose to go with the latter. Musk had given the ultimatum to make way for what he brands as "Twitter 2.0." This prompted the exit of engineers, maintenance crew members, developers, and more, leaving the company's system in shambles. It has been estimated that about 75 percent of the remaining Twitter staff had tendered their resignations.

Hence, the hashtags #RIPTwitter and #GoodbyeTwitter, as well as trending topics like Elon Musk (well, he's been trending everyday now) and Twitter 2.0. Former employees couldn't help but speak out against the Musk era, as well. Of course, even through its tragic demise (crossed fingers that it's not), Twitter had a field day. Hopefully, this won't be its last.


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