The Pragmatic Side of Fatherhood, According to Nico Bolzico and Anton del Rosario

A responsible father protects the family savings.

The Pragmatic Side of Fatherhood, According to Nico Bolzico and Anton del Rosario

Ask a first-time dad about how the first few years of fatherhood feel, and a few things may come to mind: the immense joy he feels at the sight of his child giggling, or those irresistible tiny hands tugging at his shirt, asking to be thrown up in the air again.

But underneath all these poignant moments are the nitty-gritty details of raising a family: making sure his children are out of harm’s way, providing for their education, and most importantly, managing the family's finances to make sure that all needs are met.

When it comes to family and money matters, AIA Philam Life ambassador dads Nico Bolzico and Anton del Rosario know how important it is to take charge.

“One thing I learned about managing the family’s finances is to always have a backup plan," says Anton, who is married to actress and fashion designer Samantha Richelle. "My son Myles is now ten, and I feel like the years flew by so quickly. With everything happening around us, I need to make sure our money is secure.”

Naturally, this is work he splits with his wife. “Sam and I regularly go over our finances to make sure we have enough savings for Myles’ future. And as a football dad, I’m also thinking about how to talk to other football parents and make sure that they’re also thinking about their kids’ future.”

Nico, on the other hand, had to learn to keep track of where the money goes. “Ever since I became a father, I’ve been monitoring the family’s wants, needs, and also our savings," he says. Nico is married to fellow AIA Philam Life ambassador Solenn Heussaff, and the couple are now doting parents to one-year old Thylane. "I need to make sure those three things are within our means, and we are more than prepared for Thylane’s future.”

In this day and age, modern dads like Nico and Anton have access to a multitude of ways to manage and grow the family’s finances, from financial apps to stay on track with their spending, to online trading platforms where they can buy and sell stocks, to investment opportunities like real estate and online businesses that they can work on the side.

Secure Savings and a Better Future

When it comes to managing the family’s finances, it is important to look ahead and to make sure the family is secure for years to come. After all, parents want only the best for their children.

But how can they ensure that the family is prepared, especially in these uncertain times?

The country’s premier life insurance company, AIA Philam Life, recently launched a product that addresses this need. The latest addition to its diverse product portfolio, AIA Future Builder, is a new variable life insurance plan that works with parents to make their family’s dreams come true.

With AIA Future Builder, parents can maximize their savings potential with the option to diversify their investments through either locally or globally managed funds. The plan also comes with basic insurance protection for life, as well as additional benefit for total and permanent disability, and personal accident as its optional riders.

AIA Future Builder is also powered by AIA Philam Life’s science-backed wellness program, Philam Vitality, which incentivizes members with additional cash benefits and other rewards for healthy behavior, by achieving and monitoring their fitness goals. The product is also easier on the pocket through its various payment terms, with 5, 10 or pay-to-age 65 variants.

Being a parent means juggling a lot of responsibilities:  making sure your child grows up with the right values and at the same time preparing for their future to make sure you can help make their dreams come true no matter what happens.

“My most important role for the rest of my life is to be a dad," says Anton. "It’s priceless! It’s tiring, and life can get a little crazy with kids, but nothing beats knowing I will be providing Myles with a promising future."

“I still have many things to learn," Nico admits. "It excites and frightens me at the same time. I just want to make sure my daughter can live the best life she can, and that’s my most important responsibility."

Start preparing for the future today with AIA Future Builder, and fulfill your family’s dreams towards a Healthier, Longer, and Better Life.

Visit the official website to learn more about AIA Future Builder.

This article is sponsored by AIA PHILAM LIFE.
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