These Jack Ma Quotes From His DLSU Forum Make For Great Work Desk Sticky Notes

Students of De La Salle University had the honor of hearing from Chinese business magnate, billionaire, and motivational speaker Jack Ma this morning, in a forum held by the school.

Ma, who founded the Alibaba Group of internet-based businesses, has become one of the world's most prominent success stories. He was here to receive a Doctor of Science in Technopreneurship Honoris Causa from De La Salle University, and was gracious enough to share his wisdom to Lasallian students.

Here are some of the most memorable quotes from his talk:


I tried to test the speed of Philippine internet last night. It's no good. But this is the potential, this is the opportunity. And I encourage government and entrepreneurs and everybody to work together to improve the speed and coverage of the internet.”

"We make the most advanced payment system in the world. Philippines, you have the opportunity to have the best [financial technology system] in the world. You have [a lot of] mobile phone users. You have many islands. We should make Philippines a cashless society, no corruption, life is easier."


"Business is about friendship building. Friendship is about trust building."

"Do not build a company with your closest friends. But once they join the company, treat them as friends."


A good boss is better than a good company!

"Small businesses must have big dreams. Big companies should have small steps."

You have to change all the time. We don’t care about if people say we are crazy. We care about 'is this something really different?'”


"Even if you have a crazy idea, don't always think you're right."

"In the next thirty years, it is not the internet companies but the companies that can make full use of the internet that will succeed."

"When I invest in the business, I don't just look at the founder, but also those around him. It is easy to make one person crazy, but if the whole team is crazy, that's interesting."

"It's not competitor that's killing you, it's the future that will kill you. Don't be scared of technology."

"I don't want a company that's a machine for making money. "


“Human beings have wisdom. Machines have intelligence. Animals have instinct . . . Machines can learn like human beings but machines can’t think like human beings. What are things that machines can never do? That’s what educational systems should pay attention to.”

The way we teach our kids today may affect whether or not they'll get jobs tomorrow.”

"Priority while in school and when in business is the same: to learn."

When we teach our kids better, they will not make the same mistakes our ancestors and our generation have made.”

Learn from others' mistakes not because you will avoid making them, but so that you will know how to face these mistakes and troubles when they come. And the best way to face a problem is with a great attitude. Then you'll succeed.”


“Don't be discouraged when people don't help you. Why should they help you? You should earn the right to be helped.

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Be simple. Stay foolish. No matter what, just continue. Do not complain about others. Complain only about yourself.”

"I believe it's not the technology that changed the world, it's the dream behind the technology that changed the world."

"Happy and healthy industries is something that we want to do. Sustainable growth is when you are healthier and happier."

"Young people are never scared of the future. If they're scared, they never have the future for themselves."

"If you think you [need] five years to succeed, prepare for 15 years...Have long preparation [and] determination."

“No matter how smart you are, if you don’t know how to work with people, you will never succeed. Your dreams will just be dreams.”

In case you missed it, the full video is available here:

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