How to Create a Cool Bachelor Pad in Just 17 Square Meters

From having invisible cabinets to showcasing smart furniture picks, this tiny home inspires us to declutter and revamp our own space
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One of the challenges of moving into a small space involves having enough storage for your belongings. While decluttering regularly helps, there are instances when we bring in new items or that we can’t let go of certain pieces. The owner of this 17sqm condo unit in Mandaluyong has a lot of things to deal with. “I moved [into the space] in 2012. This is not how it used to look like. I was the one who did the first design, but later on, it didn’t work anymore. I just had too many stuff, especially shoes and clothes that I use for my gigs as a professional events and TV host,” says Jazper, who also keeps a website/vlog up and running.

2016 proved to be a turning point for the homeowner as he decided to have the tiny space redesigned. To make sure that his vision and requirements for the unit are met, he worked with William Brothers Manila, professionals who specialize in design and construction, and interior designer Rod Lascano. With these experts on board, Jazper realized his dream for the unit. “[I learned] that your space could be more livable. With some adjustments and changes in design, it can suit your needs and taste better. You can actually make a small space a home that you’d want to go home to every day,” he shares.

A piece of advice he’d love to give fellow homeowners? “Work hand in hand with your contractor and designer. Make sure that the design and layout are what you really want and need. At the end of the day, it’s you who will go home to it every day. You have to love it to really get to live in it.”


Open Layout
Though it's a studio unit, it looks like a one-bedroom space given its L-shaped layout. Since Jazper wanted the unit to look more spacious and to hide all the clutter, William Brothers Manila and interior designer Rod Lascano had to come up with a design and look that maximizes every inch of space.

"The inspiration is a modern home that maximizes all the space and makes living more convenient for the user," says Rod. The color palette is clean and easy on the eyesâwith gray as the dominant color and wooden touches that add warmth.

Storage Nook
The design team was able to make use of the space by opting for built-in cabinets to hide Jazper's belongings. " The whole place looks clean and organized once all doors are closed," says Rod. When you look at the cabinets from afar, it looks seamless and streamlined as they chose to forego the handles.

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Inside the built-in cabinet are Jazper's shoes and other essentials. Rod suggests maximizing the height of cabinets and doors up to the ceiling to make the space seem taller. "Cutting it up until a certain point cuts the room and gives the person a better sense of how small the room is," he explains.

Kitchen and Dining Nook
The kitchen and dining nook showcases smart small space solutions. It may look compact, but it cleverly makes use of space. Aside from the touches of wood, the stool with a pop of pink livens up the area. To find the right pieces and inspiration for his unit, Jazper also used the Houzz app as guide. The popular app offers a bunch of photos and ideas that help users improve their homes.


Upon closer look, you'll see how wood was incorporated into the kitchen. Niches were left open to showcase bottles, drinking glasses, and small appliances. Lighting also plays a big role in finalizing the look of the unit. "We made sure there was mood lighting and enough lighting for general tasks. We maximized lights under the shelves and cabinets as well as accent lighting for the client when he records videos for his blog," says Rod.

Dining Nook
To personalize this corner, a niche on top was allotted for decor, accessories, and precious photographs. Jazper can enjoy coffee and snacks on the countertop during his free time.

When duty calls or when it's time for a hearty meal, the table can be pulled out and paired with a stool. The table is big enough to accommodate a friend, too.


Sleeping Area
To make the sleeping space cozy and inviting, a shag rug is paired with blackout curtains and blinds. The owner is very particular with the setup as he loves the entertainment system he invested in. "I got a huge flat screen TV and an awesome Harman Kardon home entertainment system! Honestly, I hit the cinemas less frequently now. I just Netflix and chill," he exclaims.

While the blackout curtains help block light from streaming into the unit during movie nights, Jazper can easily draw the curtains to let the sunshine in every morning. His bed features pillows and sheets in neutral colors to match a modern contemporary theme. "We played with solid colors and wooden textures all throughout the space. It also uses neutral colors to make it clean and streamlined, [there's] nothing vibrant nor striking to make it more relaxed and cozy when the user comes home," shares Rod.

Also spotted around the unit are geometric wall accents that add character to the space. These pieces can be seen on walls and concealed columns for a cohesive look.

Beside the bed is a small niche where a wooden ledge that serves as a side table was installed. The ledge holds the AC remote control, a few photographs, and other trinkets. Colorful works of art also add life to this area. It can also function as a work area when needed.

At the foot of the bed is a multipurpose furniture piece that can work as a side table or as a stool. Below the TV is a shelf that holds books, dÃcor, and other entertainment must-haves.



Secret Storage
One would think that this is just another corner where Jazper can take a break. Behind the stool is a secret door that opens to a closet. This storage hack is a clever way of giving the owner more space for his belongings while concealing a few structural challenges.

According to Rod, there was a column right in the middle of the room. âIt was a chunky column that really ate most of the [space]. We had to close it out and make a closet in the space,â he shares.

Inside the closet, Jazper's clothes are neatly folded and organized.

Jazper's favorite area in the unit, the bathroom reminds him of a spa. Aside from following the unit's color scheme, it also has a few extra features that will guarantee a relaxing experience. There's ceiling speaker that's connected to the media system. The mirror is also an illuminated mirror that has a built-in anti-fog mechanism.


In the shower area, there's a niche that can be used to hold bottles of shampoo and soap. One wall is defined by tiles in a herringbone pattern to keep it from being too plain.

Maximizing Space
It's safe to say that Jazper and his design team did a good job in maximizing the available space. Aside from having everything within reach, the studio unit also highlights his personality, minus the cluttered look. From this angle, one can best appreciate the openness of the tiny space.

A muted color scheme coupled with the right lighting can create an intimate and homey look. This angle is also Rod's favorite spot in the space. "If everythingâs closed and cleaned up, you can get a feel of what the design's all about with the marriage of the different elements, from the solid colors to the wooden textures through the execution of clean lines," he explains.


Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Rod Lascano through e-mail at: [email protected] You can get in touch with William Brothers Manila through Facebook and Instagram.

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