Johnny Depp’s Camera is Among the Once-in-a-Lifetime Finds at Istorya ng Pasko

Travel back in time, shop for one-of-a-kind gifts, and take a piece of history home with you at the Istorya ng Pasko vintage bazaar.
IMAGE Angelica Gutierrez

Shopping at Istorya ng Pasko is a one-of-a-kind experience. More than just an ordinary Christmas bazaar, this event is a cozy gathering of antique collectors, photography enthusiasts, and calligraphy artists who are more than willing to share their love for all things vintage. 

If you’ve always wanted to own a Polaroid, make a beeline for Kamera Club’s stall, whose very reasonably-priced instant cameras sell out in minutes.


While Leny of The Curious Artisan is better known for selling Philippine-made calligraphy materials, she also has an impressive collection of typewriters, vintage watches, records, coffee grinders, and even a gramophone, all of which are in working condition.


Calligraphy lovers should check out The Curious Artisan’s vintage nib buffet too. Take your favorites home for P100 a gram.


Anthony of Fountain Pen Network Philippines is also selling dip pens, artwork, and cigar cases which can be repurposed as pen boxes. While his beautiful fountain pens are only for display, he’ll give you tips on how to start your own collection.


Make sure to strike up a conversation with antique collector Mimi Radovan, who will gladly share the stories behind her wares. Having just moved back from the United States, she’s looking to let go of some of her beloved treasures. These include rare camera models dating back to the 1950s, Elvis merchandise, Victorian dolls, and other curiosities.


She even has a German spy camera which supposedly once belonged to Johnny Depp. She says the actor handed it down to the Filipina nanny of his children who, having no interest in photography, gifted it to Radovan.


Miss the feeling of dialing on a rotary phone? Check out these still-functioning landlines from Hello Vintage.


If you’d like to take a piece of history home with you, Stampville sells local and foreign stamps, postcards, and old currencies. Their collection includes bills dating back to Emilio Aguinaldo’s presidency, Mickey Mouse money, and Marcos’s Bagong Lipunan currency.

Trade in your glasses for a classic pair from the Specurator.

While the stalls only accept cash, you can opt to pay for your purchases at the Paypal station just outside the bazaar. Whether or not you actually wind up buying anything, Istorya ng Pasko is well worth the visit. It only runs from December 2 to 3, 2017 at Warehouse Eight, so make sure to check it out this weekend.

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