An Almost Complete List of Everyone Insulted in the #LonsiLeaks Scandal

Name someone from UP, and they’ve probably been insulted in the leaked group messages.

There’s a lot to unpack in the scandal du jour. A casual search for Upsilon 100 or #lonsileaks on Twitter (and even Facebook) will yield what initially looks like a bunch of screenshots from a group chat. Most of the group chat is boring, regular university student stuff, but read through the messages and the all the hoopla suddenly becomes clear. 

We all have our own little private group chats with family, friends and colleagues, and yes, we can all probably admit to trash talking somebody who’s not in the group. But this very candid group chat that purportedly comes from members of Upsilon Sigma Phi, arguably the most well-known fraternity not just in the University of the Philippines but in the whole country, is something else.

Bigotry? Check. Homophobia? Check. Misogyny? You bet. Islamophobia. It’s there. Marcos apologists? Yup. And the list goes on.

It’s ironic that #lonsileaks is blowing up just as Upsilon celebrated its 100th anniversary last week.

There are many questions that immediately come to mind as we peruse the damning exchanges among a group of men who seemed to have overdosed on testosterone and idiocy. Is it real? If it is, who leaked the conversations? And most importantly, do these kids’ mothers and fathers know what their sons are growing up to be?

If you haven’t gone through the messages, we’ll save you the trouble and list down all the people and groups these supposedly upstanding young men have insulted in their circlejerk of a group chat.


1| Women

Take your pick. They think women should be relegated to the kitchen and that their mouths are only good for one thing, and it’s definitely not for speaking out. It’s like we’re back in the Dark Ages, only there’s cellphones and we can record all the horrible things people say. 

2| Activists

Calling activists “salot ng lipunan.” Nice.

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3| The LGBTQ community

UP Babaylan is an organization in UP committed to advancing the rights of the LGBTQ community. That a supposedly “enlightened” frat would target them like this is beyond appalling.

4| Victims of Martial Law

It’s one thing to be a Marcos apologist, it’s quite another to actually call for the removal of democracy and advocate for the reimposition of one of the darkest periods in Philippine history. Also, “kaya lang naman nag-fail yung Martial Law dahil madaming kontra bida”? You couldn’t make this stuff up.


5| Cory Aquino

She certainly wasn’t perfect, but to besmirch her reputation like that? Wait till Kris Aquino gets wind of this

6| The lumad 

“To be fair...”

7| Muslims

Ladies and gentlemen, your iskolar ng bayan. 


8| People of color, and other fraternities

At some point, you have to wonder if this isn’t just a badly written script by an aspiring playwright.


There’s a lot of other heinous things our boys talk about in their little group chat, which seemed pretty active judging by the dates and number of messages. But now that it’s been exposed (by somebody from within the group, no doubt), we can expect radio silence.


As for the fallout, it’s still developing. The university student chairperson for UPLB, JJ Ilagan, who is also a member of Upsilon, has issued a lengthy statement in reaction to the leak

UP-D chair Yael Toribio also released his statement, but later deleted it. Screencaps, however, have been uploaded by other students.


As with most of these types of issues, I don’t expect anything concrete happening. People are going to latch on to it for a few days, air their outrage and grievances, and then move on to the next scandal du jour. But this time, I hope I’m proven wrong.

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