There Are 33 Countries Where Philippine Passport Holders Can Visit Without a Visa

Check out the visa requirements of 230 countries on the VisaList website.

As early as now, you likely have plans for where you’ll be spending your vacations in for the year. That planner you got for Christmas is probably marked with dates for your vacation leave.

But if you’re still undecided on where you want to go, VisaList can help you make a decisionnot in terms of how cheap the tickets are or what activities you can do when you get there, but in terms of how easy it is to get into the country of your choosing.

Created by Indian entrepreneur Hari Krishna and launched last December, VisaList collates the visa requirements of over 230 countries and puts them all in one database. It gives you easy access to the requirements you need to accomplish for travel to a certain country based on the type of passport you own, eliminating the need to go to several websites that often give conflicting information.

Each country has its own page with a list of prospective destinations their respective requirements. The page also has an interactive color-coded map that summarizes the data and makes it easier to visualize where you can travel with or without a visa.

The Philippines’ page lists 33 countries where Philippine passport holders can travel visa-free, as well as an additional 31 that will issue a visa upon arrival. On the other hand, the page also shows 145 countries where Philippine passport holders will need a visa and an additional 15 where you’ll need to apply for a visa electronically.

Aside from visa requirements, the page also lists other helpful details about each destination country, such as the currency it uses, the languages spoken, as well as the estimated distance and time zone difference from the home country


In the website’s About Us page, Krishna reveals that he created VisaList because of the difficulties he and his friends experienced when applying for visas to various countries. He hopes the database simplifies the visa application process and makes traveling as easy as possible for travelers like himself.

He writes on the website, “This makes life easy and puts the research people usually do all in one place.”

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