Waze Will Direct You to Places like Where Dreams Die and Gringotts Wizarding Bank

At the next intersection, turn right at DIY Sperm Bank.

Last time we checked, there was no “Dominatrix Hall of Justice” located in the middle of the Quezon jungle. But it looks like Waze didn’t get that memo as this guy found a couple of anomalies while browsing the app.

Apparently, Waze shows three identical road networks in a strange cross formation hiding in the middle of the Quezon jungle. Is this a secret government facility? The Philippines’ own Area 51?

IMAGE: Courtesy of Howie Layug de Ocampo

No. That’s just Combantrin Highway and Yellow Brick Road. Zoom a little closer to what we’d like to call “WazeWorld” and you’ll discover Ungas Road located near Kamote Street. In this religiously inclusive town, you’ll also find a subdivision where Torah St. connects Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, numbers, and Deuteronomy roads. Of course, this is just a stone’s throw away from Oggiestyle Street’s subdivision.

In the south side of town is where you’ll come across the central business district with establishments such as Gringotts Wizarding Bank, DIY Sperm Bank, and Chismosa Beauty Salon, which must be a favorite among titas. Southside also seems to be popular with young working professionals with housing complexes such as Dala Ka Ng Fuds Condominium strategically located next to Isa Pang Office Building.

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The school district also appears to be exceptional with institutions such as Churvalu High School and Mababang Paaralan ng Chuva Cthulu. There’s also a place called Where Dreams Die, and we’ll safely assume this is college.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Howie Layug de Ocampo

WazeWorld certainly has all the makings of a typical Filipino town, complete with its own Capitolyo, 7-11, and Super Supermall. Too bad it isn’t real.

According to one Facebook user’s comment on the post, these “towns” were probably just “created by Waze programmers themselves to test any new features or bug fixes on real live data/map without having to disrupt traffic data in real cities.” As for the creative street and building names, they might have just gone with whatever came to mind while typing.

Or, as one Facebook user put it, maybe someone was just bored.


Either way, it’s a shame we can’t stop by Dominatrix Hall of Justice the next time we’re in the jungles of Quezon.

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