We Know Just the Place: Where to Go When You’re Feeling Adventurous

Axe Recommends: Warm-up first, fun later.
We Know Just the Place: Where to Go When You’re Feeling Adventurous

In this video, Wil Dasovich experiences different types of adventures in various spots in the city.

His first stop: The Bike Playground, a place where you can enjoy a worry-free cycling experience. No traffic, no approaching vehicles.

There’s a lot of terrain to cover, but if you want to go a little extreme, bust some moves and show off your tricks at the pump park.

If you want to escape from reality—literally—put on a headset, slide into some gear, and pick a virtual realm at Virtual PH.

You can take the driver’s seat of your dream car, ride a 360-degree treadmill that puts you in the center of the action, and battle it out with a lightsaber, among other things.

If you’re looking to have tons of fun while having a full-body workout, visit Pretty Huge Obstacles. You won’t run out of options even if you do run out of breath in this indoor obstacle course.

Want an adrenaline rush? Watch the video:

With Axe Recommends, you get a look at the adventures you can experience even when you’re inside the city. All you have to do is gear up and head over to these places. But wherever you choose to go first, bear in mind that the activities will require guts, determination, and a lot of sweat. Don’t forget to spray on a fragrance that’ll help you feel fresh and cool—and smell great—throughout the action.

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