These Wholesome YouTube Channels Will Get You Through Father's Day Without a Dad


Not everyone is lucky enough to have (or still have) a dad. If you’re a half-orphan or the child of a deadbeat dad, Father’s Day can seem like a struggle instead of a celebration. Thankfully, the wholesome corner of the Internet is here to pull you through this Sunday. Whether you lost your father too young or never had one to begin with, here are some precious channels and pages that prove the Internet isn’t such a foul place after all.

Dad, how do I?

Dads are the people we turn to fix the sink, install a shelf, or change a tire, but what do you do when you don’t have one?

When Rob Kennedy was a kid, his father walked out on him and his seven siblings. Decades later, Kennedy decided to gift YouTube with a channel designed to help kids in similar situations who have no fathers to turn to. The Dad, how do I? YouTube Channel posts videos of the simplest, most mundane tutorials that we take for granted. It teaches kids whose fathers abandoned them how to tie a tie, and daughters who just lost their dads how to use pliers and cordless drills.

His dad might have walked out on him, but Robert is definitely the father of the decade.

Dad’s Kitchen

Set aside that misconception that dads can’t cook. Dad’s Kitchen is a Filipino YouTube channel and Facebook page that proves dads have talent in the kitchen too, and its simple, straightforward instructions and tutorials are perfect for kids or adults who have no idea what the hell they’re doing.


“Easy” is the running theme of Dad’s Kitchen. Dads don’t like to overcomplicate things, and this channel makes sure anyone can follow it. From adobo to Milo ice cream to potato mojos, Dad’s Kitchen’s recipes are as simple as they are comforting.

How to Dad

Every dad is a clueless dad at the beginning, and the YouTube channel How to Dad perfectly encompasses how out of their depth all new dads are. It’s a hilarious, wholesome, and painfully sweet channel that follows one dad’s misadventures with his baby (now toddler) who has her father wrapped around her little finger.

Follow the duo as they wash a car, clean the house, and eat vegetables and other entirely ordinary and entertaining everyday things.

Dad Jokes

Just when you thought you couldn’t escape dad jokes, a Twitter account pops up to spam your feed with a daily dose of corny dad.

watch now

Twitter account Dadsaysjokes is exactly as lame as it sounds, but we can’t help but appreciate and even admire its cringe-worthy punchlines that would do any dad proud.

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