Why Pet Parenthood Can Be as Expensive as Actual Parenthood

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Why Pet Parenthood Can Be as Expensive as Actual Parenthood

Ah, parenthood—whoever can master the art of it deserves a badge of sorts. Whether you’re a parent to a kid or a furbaby, you’ll need time, energy, patience, and, of course, money, to keep them safe, healthy, and happy all year round. Yes, the same goes for pets—cats and dogs, in particular.

So, if you’re getting a pet with the idea that it won't cost that much, take a look below at expenses you should first consider, based on’s latest research:

Pet food expenses

Commercially available dog and cat foods are the way to go for most pet parents. After all, they’ve got their unique nutritional needs and it’s a breeze to fill them in with pet food.

In case you haven’t seen the big picture yet of a pet parent’s spendings on their fur babies’ food, in a single year, it’s estimated to reach P19,200 and P30,900 for the basic dog food of small and big dogs respectively, and up to P32,300 and P172,000 for premium, tailored pet food. That of cats’ extend to P18,400 for basic food, and P26,900 if on the higher end. Note that the increased cost of pet food can be attributed to how tailored the nutrition is for your pet.

Purebreds, for instance, need specific diets that address their unique requirements, while pets with sensitivities (like a dull coat, itchy skin, and hairball formation) benefit from specialized diets that care for their needs.

Grooming expenses

A single visit to a professional groomer is already costly in itself—so just imagine how much it adds up to in a year. Turns out it’s as much as P8,200 for dogs, assuming that you take your long-haired furry friends like Shih Tzu, Poodle, and Yorkshire Terrier for a grooming session once every two months.

For cats, since they don’t need as much groomer visit as dogs, they record at least P3,123 annually. But grooming these pets isn’t limited to taking them to a professional, right? There needs to be shampoo at home, too, among other pet grooming must-haves.

One year’s worth of a dog’s shampoo, tick protection, and even poop bags, would cost around P4,068. A cat’s basic grooming kit that includes shampoo, tick and fleas collar, and litter, on the other hand, could go as high as P18,848 per year. Do the math and it’s at P12,000 for a dog, and P20,000 for a cat.

Veterinary visit expenses

Pets need regular trips to their vets, too. And when it comes to this, vaccinations take center stage. Dogs and cats alike need their annual shots against rabies and infectious diseases; and, all in all, together with one regular check-up, the fees could cost P950 for dogs, and P1,100 for cats. Then again, it’s a small price to pay to keep them away from harm, isn’t it?

There are one-off procedures as well like neutering and microchipping. While they aren’t obligatory, pet parents decide to do them for their pets’ sake—and doing so requires around P16,799 for dogs, and P1,799 for cats.

Other expenses

Jumping off pet parenthood, of course, requires buying the common things they would need—leash, collar, food and water bowls, and even their bed. This ‘starting kit’ of a dog averages at P2,192, and could see an additional P1,910 if you opt for a carrier, safety harness and belt for the car, and expensive rain protection, among others. A cat’s starting kit, meanwhile, that covers a litter box, scoop, scratching post, bed, brush, bowls, and a carrier, would demand from you around P2,417.

Dog toys, on the other hand, can amount to yearly spending of P943. As for the cats’, the toys can cost as much as P1,107 a year. It’s likely to be an unreasonable amount from outsiders’ perspective, but whatever can keep these furry friends entertained when you’re doing human things will always be within reason!

So, really, how much do pet parents shell out every year for their pets? On average, spendings for their basic needs would circle around P40,000. It’s bound to go as high as the lifestyle demands. While it sure looks like a big responsibility to be a pet parent, the commitment one gives to keep their pet safe and healthy, especially amid these times, is commendable.

Those who are looking for ways to save resources, however, might want to consider adding Royal Canin to their pet’s life and theirs. The brand’s mobile app Royal Canin Club, for instance, offers exclusive perks and discounts pet owners can score—one of which is a free vet checkup. It has a reward system, too, wherein users can collect points by answering pet-related quizzes, among others, and exchange them for vouchers for grooming services.

What’s more, Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition products offer tailored nutrition to the pet’s specific needs, which, if you think about it, can help save you from frequent vet visits and pet meds. Rooted in kibble science, each product from this lineup has several kibble designs and textures for purebred dogs and cats alike to help meet their individual nutritional requirements and eating tendencies. Health, after all, is unique for every breed.

While you can’t just cut down on your pet’s basic needs, you can avoid having extra expenses if you’re able to keep them healthy and safe all year round, right?

Download the Royal Canin Club app via Apple App Store or Google Play. Visit Royal Canin’s website for more information and follow its Facebook page for updates.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with ROYAL CANIN.

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