The 10 Especially Worst Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Don't be a Grinch.

Sometimes, a bad gift is even worse than giving no gift at all. From passive-aggressive gifts to the just downright insulting, here are examples of gifts that will make someone hate you.

1| Boxed Wine

The only thing worse than a boring bottle of alcohol is cheap liquor, and boxed wine is the perfect example. We're not against it at all, but for the sake of your friendships maybe just pick up a standard bottle of wine, or better yet a really good one. (Really, anything but the wine you can buy in a convenience store.) Here are several cheap wines that taste expensive, for reference.

2| Basic Grooming Tools and Products

Unless you're really trying to be snarky, it's best to skip giving someone you don't totally hate a bar of soap. That said, soap isn't the worst thing you can give. Toothpaste, nail clippers, deodorant, or mouthwash are infinitely worse. But again, it's only bad if you don't want to tell someone their grooming habits suck. If that's your goal, then, by all means, go ahead.

3| Knock-Offs

You've got a friend that loves the finer things in life. That doesn't mean he or she wants that "good" fake Louis wallet. People can always tell. Not to mention, fake products support illegal activities such as terrorism, child slavery, and labor abuse, to name a few. Fake toys, gadgets, and more included.

4| Office Supplies

Top department stores sell amazing office supplies fit for CEOs. Like a P31,000 mother-of-pearl letter opener from Lorenzi Milano from Barney's. But, we're guessing this isn't what you're planning to exchange for your workplace Secret Santa?


6| Paperweights

Paperweights are in the same category as office supplies. You might as well hand out rocks instead.

6| Weighing Scale

A weighing scale is perhaps the most insulting gift you can give someone. Yeah, it's useful but it comes with a fat-shaming message that says 'you need to lose weight.'

7| Mug

We know what you're thinking. Mugs can be good gifts. These days, however, it just seems lazy to give mugs as gifts. And, yes people can tell you're just trying to get into the gift-giving budget your group of friends set this year.

8| Photo Frame

A photo frame is in the same league as a mug. It costs next to nothing. Who even prints photos nowadays?

9| Clothes

Clothes are only really a bad gift if you don't know the person you're giving it to well enough. Sizing isn't even the whole problem. There's the whole design aspect to think about. 

10| Christmas-Themed Items

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean people appreciate getting themed sweaters, mugs, or worse decorations and ornaments.

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