Your Totally Lucky Guide to the Year of the Metal Ox

Here’s how to reprogram your luck by using a dragon wallet in the Year of the Metal Ox. 

As we celebrate another Chinese New Year, we greet the arrival of the Metal Ox—the ruling sign starting February 12, 2021. In the Chinese zodiac, the Ox is a hardworking and persevering animal. The lucky people who will be rewarded and prosperous this year are those who will go the extra mile and double their efforts to get things done. “Push yourselves to double the necessary undertakings to accomplish targeted goals,” advises Feng Shui master, Paul Tan Caoili. “The Ox is a beast of burden and in order to get things moving, we must first till the soil, sow the seeds, and wait to reap the benefits, and this indeed, takes patience.” 

Lucky (and Unlucky) Signs in the Year of the Ox

  • Horse – the luckiest
  • Tiger – ally of the horse
  • Rat – celestial partner of the Ox
  • Snake – ally of the Ox
  • Rooster – ally of the Ox

“This won't be a great year for Goats and the Pigs. It's especially unlucky for the Ox, due to the fact that it is self-inflicting,” says master Caoili. But there are certain things to deflect these troubling circumstances before the New Year:

  1. Draw out blood (get a CBC or donate blood).
  2. Do a charitable act, particularly for orphans, widows, and elderly folk, specifically those of which were abandoned.
  3. Go to a shrine or church that you have never been to before.
  4. Try to accomplish “merits.” Merits are the opposite of karma—it produces a butterfly effect along the way.

Using Metal in the Year of the Ox

The most present element for 2021 is metal. But too much of the metal element will be present this year (this year lacks the fire element). Signs must be cautious—especially for people born under the sign of the Goat, the mortal enemy of the Ox. “The abundance of the metal element induces many opportunities for corruption and greed, metal has too much power this year,” says master Caoili. Another element to watch out for is the abundance of the water element, which makes the imbalance of harmony exponential and aggressive.  


To shift the negative aspects the new year brings, here are a few suggestions to bring balance:

Incorporating metal into your wardrobe deflects the negative effects of too much metal to the creation of energy (or Chi) that you can harness. It will cause your energy to be more motivated and assist in releasing self-doubt. Wearing metal, such as a nice watch, will help correct issues that you would have regarding accepting and receiving and, most important, self-worth. 

When it comes to business, protect what you have first before enhancing and developing your ambitions. Focus on short-term goals—a day at a time—because too much forecasting is wasting too much energy which you should not do for this year because it will only exhaust you. 

Stay away from the colors blue and black, which represent water.

Reprogramming Luck in the Year of the Ox 

There is a way to change luck or reprogramming how this year will turn out. Within the next 15 days after Chinese New Year, strive to do the following:

  1. Keep the peace—do not get angry.
  2. Think twice before you say or do anything and double check things like contracts, partnerships, etc. 
  3. Surround yourself with trusted family and friends.
  4. Stay away from toxic relationships. 
  5. Set personal boundaries so you don't mentally or physically exhaust yourself.
  6. Try to be more inspired (pray, meditate, or visit a shrine).
  7. Consider the colors yellow, red, and green, all of which are very lucky.

Using a Dragon Wallet to Catch Abundance in the Year of the Ox 

To prepare for Chinese New Year (and the next 15 days after), a dragon wallet may be employed to catch abundance and good luck. To create a personalized dragon wallet, first figure out what element is your Chinese zodiac sign. This is important because the color of the wallet must be a color that activates your elemental sign. In the simplest term, the creation of your personal element is tied in with another complementary element.

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“Red is usually the color of dragon wallets,” master Caoili says. “But there are also lucky colors for a dragon wallet per birth element." Once you have ascertained your elemental sign, it's time to change wallets, even if your current wallet is the right color. This is so your wallet is neutral. Much like your health, it's time to cleanse and begin anew.

The activating element for those born under the Earth element, for example, is Fire, therefore a red wallet is most auspicious. The activating colors of each element are:

  • Earth element - red
  • Wood element - blue
  • Fire element - green
  • Water element - metallics or white
  • Metal element - yellow

From Chinese New Year (February 12) to the next 15 days, keep a large amount of cash in the dragon wallet, but don't spend it. It can be in any denomination or currency. The more you put into the wallet, the more luck you'll have in earning or receiving money. Master Caoili says that some clients manage to stuff over P100,000 in their wallets. “No, checks are not allowed... though many clients ask that," he chuckles. Cold, hard cash is the key.

Whatever amount you put into your dragon wallet, ensure that the amount doesn't end in a zero. For example, keep P50,005 in your dragon wallet. At the end of the 15 days, deposit the money into your account. It is believed that the same amount of money will always return to your dragon wallet in one form or another. 


Another thing to consider is the way the money is arranged and kept in your wallet. “Respect the money,” master Caoili advises. Do not keep receipts in your dragon wallet. They are finished transactions and have no place in your wallet. No crumpled or old bills, too—should you have these in your wallet, those are the first bills you spend. When putting in your cash, arrange it in descending order (highest denomination in the back, lowest in the front) and place the cash face side upside down. This is so it looks like cash is always going into your wallet instead of out. Even when you are removing money from your wallet, it still looks like it's coming in. 

These 15 days are imperative in changing your luck and harmony for 2021, especially if your birth sign isn't as fortunate as others. It never hurts to take these extra precautions to protect ourselves from bad luck. In fact, practicing these tips all year round would bring peace and good luck to your life.  

For a more in-depth and personalized analysis of your birth sign and what it means this 2021, contact Feng Shui master Paul Tan Caoili at 0917 883 2313 or 8725 52 77.

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