5 Countries, 17 Days, P15,000: Yes, It Can Be Done

Watching out for seat sales really does pay off.
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Normally, you’d save up P15,000 to visit one country alone. But as Facebook user MeaKryztine Aquiviano shows, you can get around Asia for very little if you’re willing to backpack.

Last October, she and her boyfriend traveled to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia in 17 days and spent just P15,118.50 on their plane fare, bus tickets, and accommodations. In her post, she explains that she always looks for promo fares and stays at backpackers’ inns.

Here’s her breakdown of what she spent on travel and accommodation per country:


Manila-Cambodia: P2,099
Cambodia-Thailand: P772.95 via bus
Thailand-Vietnam: P1,777.13
Vietnam-Singapore: P1,791.50
Singapore-Malaysia: P682.56 via bus
Malaysia-Cebu: P2,382.50

Good for 2 people

3 days, 2 nights in Cambodia: P799.74 or P399.87 each
3 days, 2 nights in Thailand: P1,420.32 or P710.16 each
4 days, 3 nights in Vietnam: P1,545.9 or P772.95 each
5 days, 4 nights in Singapore: P6,183.6 or P3,091.80 each
4 days, 3 nights in Malaysia: P1,276.8 or P638.40 each


Aquiviano adds that they set aside P15,000 to P20,000 for food, entrance fees, and souvenirs. In total, they spent P35,000 each. She explains that how much you spend on travel really depends on your priorities: how much you eat, where you want to go, and what you want to buy and experience.


“Just remember you can always make money. Ang importante [is that] you will have the best time of your life and the best memories to cherish that will soon become stories to tell. So ipon now and enjoy later!” she says.

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