10 Dog Films That Will Make Grown Men Cry

Prepare your tissues.

Before we get started, let’s get this straight: Real men cry. Granted, not a lot can achieve this, and only a few things are surefire ways to incite tears: Tony Stark’s death, UAAP finals, and of course, dog films. We’re celebrating male emotions with some dog films that will surely pull at your heartstrings, and if they don’t, then you probably don’t have one (a heart, that is).

In no particular order, here are the dog films that will unearth all the feels and incite some ugly crying. Prepare yourself.

Spoiler: Most of them die.

1| Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

A loyal Akita plus Richard Gere? There aren’t enough tissues in the world for us right now.

2| Hachiko Monogatari

Every dog lover knows that Hachiko is a true story, so the original Japanese film is getting us all sorts of emotional.

3| Marley and Me

Even the world’s worst dog will pull at your heartstrings.

4| A Dog’s Purpose

It’s like the producers’ intention was to make entire theaters cry.

5| A Dog’s Journey

How can a trailer make you teary-eyed? Damn you, Dennis Quaid.

6| Eight Below

As if seeing a young Paul Walker wasn’t enough to squeeze your heart, they added eight sled dogs to the mix.

7| The Art of Racing in the Rain

Dogs, cars, and a lead pup voiced by Kevin Costner? Pass the tissues, please.

8| Old Yeller

To quote the great Phoebe Buffay, “Hey Travis, whatcha doing with that gun?”


9| White Fang

Everyone’s a sucker for the fierce wolfdog tamed by Ethan Hawke.

10| Where the Red Fern Grows

This is the one film where we’re all right with Disney rewriting the ending. The fate of the dogs in the books is way too tragic to mention.

Now watch them all back to back. We dare you.

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