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Apart From Baby Driver, Here Are 10 Other Great Films With Awful Names

A round-up of the critically acclaimed but poorly named

What's in a name?

Well, if Hollywood producers, studios and scriptwriters are anything to go by then not a lot, really—as demonstrated by Baby Driver, a film that is currently raking in rave reviews, while having an utterly rubbish name.

Here's some other movies that were totally mis-sold by people who named them, made to sound utterly crap when actually they're rather good.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

What it sounds like it's about: The absolute worst rom-com, like worse than Gerard 'Gerry' Butler and Hillary Swank in P.S I Love You. The worst.

What it actually is: Still a rom-com, but one that is surprisingly watchable, funny and actually pretty charming. A rarity for such a flaccid genre.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

What it sounds like it's about: An unlicensed Johnny Cash biopic.

What it actually is: A delicate and harrowing thriller following a young woman trying to piece together a broken life after years spent in a cult...a cult that isn't run by Johnny Cash.

Mystic River

What it sounds like it's about: A Western about a river. There's probably some mysticism going on there. Possibly some Native Americans. Definitely a lot of trust to be won by the wise shaman who runs the whole thing.

What it's actually about: Sean Penn, Sean Penn's face, and Kevin Bacon become embroiled in a twisting, undulating, gripping thriller that challenges friendships, family, and the claustrophobic duty of small town loyalties.

Also there's a murder.

The Constant Gardener

What it sounds like it's about: A man born into gardening slavery. He must tend to rhododendrons and mow grass day and night, his hands bloodied and mind broken from So. Much. Gardening. In the quiet moments that he can steal away from his master's tyrannical gaze, he dreams of escape and a brighter, gardenless future.


What it's actually about: a young British diplomat (Ralph Fiennes), is posted to Africa with his wife (Rachel Weisz), but things soon go sour when she is found murdered. MURDERED.

Who did it?

And where are the gardens?

A Most Violent Year

What it sounds like it's about: 365 days of unbridled violence and terror.

What it's actually about: A slightly dodgy bloke who runs a trucking business tries to do right in a murky, muuuuurky world. Are you prepared to watch some guys driving trucks with a bit of violence? Because if you are then this is the film for you, friend.

Captain Fantastic

What it sounds like it's about: D.C's desperate attempt to create a superhero that can challenge the all-consuming critical and commercial might of Marvel.

It fails.



What it's actually about: A frankly brilliant and poignant meditation on modern life, family and loss. Viggo Mortensen is a revelation. So much better than its stupid, stupid name.

Gone Baby Gone

What it sounds like it's about: A stoner loser has his girlfriend walk out on him. But baby, he'll change and he'll win her back in the end. It probably stars Jason Segel and there's possibly a cameo appearance from Seth Rogen.

What it's actually about: A quality kidnapping thriller that's brimming with New England attitude and stellar performances by Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman and Michelle Monaghan. To be fair, there is a baby that's gone, but the name is a real disservice to the depth of such a well made film.

Recommended Videos

Man on Fire

What it sounds like it's about: A man who is set on least once.

What it's actually about: A film in which no men are set on fire at all. Although one does have his finger burned off in a car's cigarette lighter, which is pretty bad ass.


What it sounds like it's about: We don't even want to think about that to be honest with you.

What it's actually about: Roger Moore (R.I.P funniest Bond) meets his match in Octopussy, a femme fatale involved in a potentially devastating military plot.

But why is she called that?


Cinderella Man

What it sounds like it's about: A film crowd-funded by a Men's Rights group that is SICK to DEATH of women having the GALL to make their own films. So they make Cinderella a man, who probably wins at everything and saves the day.

The end.

What it's actually about: Thankfully it's just a sort of OK boxing film with Russell Crowe who has one final shot to make it in the big time. His wife is worried, but he says "Don't worry about it sweethaaaat." And he does it.

He boxes.

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