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Spoiler Alert: 10 Movies Based on True Stories That All Got Happy Endings

Because we need some Christmas cheer in 2020.

Frankly, we’re tired of sad and tragic endings. We’re craving something inspirational to remind ourselves that everything that happened in 2020 was a phase, not the future. With that, we’ve gathered 10 brilliant movies based on true stories. And spoiler alert: They all get happy endings. So don’t worry, we definitely didn’t include Lincoln in this list (we know how that ends).

It might take a while before they get there, but these happy endings are hard-won by the real-life people the films are based on. The resounding theme of this list is that each film is about overcoming challenges. May these true stories inject a little hope toward the end of this hopeless year.

1| Apollo 13

As if the number 13 was a foreboding of the mission's misfortune, Apollo 13 aborted its planned moon landing after an oxygen tank failed. Astronauts and scientists scrambled to improvise a solution to bring them back home alive.

2| First Man

Before he was the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong was a father who lost a daughter to cancer. The film follows Armstrong's emotional trials, and the danger he faced in his job as an astronaut. 

3| Spotlight

"Happy" is not really a word one would describe the chain of child molestation charges that plagued Boston. Journalists fought hard to expose the wrongdoings of the local church, and they succeeded. But the battle continues for the victims.

4| 127 Hours

The ultimate survival film, 127 Hours follows a mountaineer who was forced to do the unthinkable in order to survive.


5| The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking was living proof that there are no limitations to what the human mind can accomplish and discover.

6| The King’s Speech

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II's father, was never meant to be king, but he stepped up to the plate, overcoming his stammer to inspire a country facing another world war.

7| 12 Years a Slave

A hard film to watch, this Oscar-winning movie symbolizes the difficult battle that half of the U.S.A. was forced to endure to find freedom.

8| Ford V Ferrari

The history of Ford and Ferrari goes way back, and this movie takes a look at the pawns of their competition: the drivers whose stories deserve to be told.

9| Rocketman

Elton John has come a long way from the pit of drugs, alcohol, and emotional abuse, but he admits he still has one vice: shopping.

10| A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a love letter to those with mental health issues and pays tribute to the genius who managed to overcome everything to win a Nobel prize.

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