12 Korean Disaster Movies to Binge Watch (As If 2021 Wasn't Disastrous Enough)

We don’t know why, but South Koreans are masters of disaster films. As if 2021 wasn’t a disaster on its own, we’ve gathered the best disaster movies to binge during this long holiday. 

1| Train to Busan

Disaster: Zombies

2| The Flu

Disaster: Pandemic

3| Tidal Wave

Disaster: Tsunami

4| #Alive

Disaster: Zombies

5| Peninsula

Disaster: Zombies

6| Ashfall

Disaster: Volcanic eruption

7| Tunnel

Disaster: Tunnel collapse

8| The Tower

Disaster: Fire

9| The Host

Disaster: Toxic monster

10| Pandora

Disaster: Nuclear meltdown

11| The Terror Live

Disaster: Terrorist attack

12| Exit

Disaster: Gas attack

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