7 Male Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Being Sexually Harassed

Earlier this week, comedian Ronie “Atak” Araña was arrested for allegedly kissing and groping Okada hotel attendant Mark Christian Macavinta. After fending off Atak’s advances, Macavinta immediately called security, who then called the police. While it’s great that Macavinta was immediately able to speak out about being harassed, other men often find it difficult to admit that they have been raped, let alone talk about it. After all, male rape is a topic that is seldom discussed. Over the years, however, several male celebrities have found the courage to come forward with their experiences of sexual violence.

1| Terry Crews
In the wake of several celebrities opening up about being sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, actor, artist, and former football player Terry Crews revealed that he had been sexually harassed by an unnamed Hollywood executive just last year. The man approached Crews—who was with his wife—and groped his genitals. Crews fought the urge to beat him up, knowing that as an African American, he would likely be discriminated against and thrown in jail. After the executive apologized to him, he decided not to file any charges, fearing that he would be ostracized from the industry.


2| Javier Muñoz
After Alyssa Milano launched her #MeToo campaign, the Hamilton actor replied to her tweet and said that he had been harassed multiple times.

3| James Van Der Beek

The Dawson’s Creek actor said that he understood why Weinstein’s victims were afraid to come forward, explaining that he had his “ass grabbed by older, powerful men” and been “cornered in inappropriate sexual conversations” when he was younger.

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4| Shia LaBeouf
In 2014, Shia LeBeouf was raped during his #IAMSORRY perfomance art project. He had invited people to come and sit with him one-on-one in a small room, while he covered his head with a paper bag that said, “I am not famous anymore.” A woman left her boyfriend waiting outside and whipped LeBeouf several times before proceeding to rape him. Fellow artists Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö intervened as soon as they realized what was happening.

5 and 6| Enchong and AJ Dee
Back in 2007, actors Enchong and AJ Dee filed sexual harassment charges against their former swimming coach.


7| Carlos Santana
In 2000, Carlos Santana revealed to Rolling Stone that he had been sexually abused by an American man for two years, starting when he was ten years old.

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