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7 Little-Known Ads That Pushed the Envelope in the Wrong Direction

Perhaps, that's why they didn't get a lot of airtime.  
IMAGE ATC Healthcare International Corporation

We're all conditioned to believe that people's attention spans are so short that one must do something outrageous to get anyone interested. Ad agencies are pros at this. They're in the business of producing 30-second capitalist come-ons. However, in a bid to make an impact on their target market, some of them push the envelope way too far. 

Over the years, there have been many ads that have fueled controversy. Then again, there are some controversial ads that managed to go under the radar. These are the ads that were either quietly pulled out before anyone could start a petition against them or didn't get as much airtime so not a lot of people know about them.

Thanks to the efforts of ad freaks, these (in)glorious ads can now be enjoyed on YouTube. They are the ads that make us cringe because they're laced with innuendo (whether intentional or not), awkward, borderline nutty, or just plain wrong in so many levels. 

Cristine Reyes for Oh My Gulay!

When you tap a sex symbol to wax ecstatic about a vegetable of a certain shape, you know what its effect is going to be on the people who watch the ad, right? Out of all the vegetables that they could have asked Cristine Reyes to hold as she delivers her spiel in this 2010 Oh My Gulay! public service announcement, they picked a patola (luffa). They could have asked her to hold a cauliflower bouquet. But, no, they had to go for a vegetable that could double as a phallic symbol.


Robust Extreme featuring Raffy Tulfo and the Mocha Girls

The product decription that accompanies the video uploaded by the ATC Healthcare International Corporation sort of says it all. "Robust Extreme is a dietary supplement for men. It boosts your sexual experience. [It] helps in infertility and pre-mature ejaculation (sic)." Watch it to get the full effect—whatever that may be.

Biolink's "Faith Healer"

We never thought demonic possessiion could look so campy. But, have no fear, it's all fixed by a the right shampoo. God knows, evil spirits are repulsed by great-looking hair.

T-Bar's "Catfight"

What's the best way to let people know about a T-shirt brand? Well, this one takes two scantily clad ladies and makes them fight it out. For good measure, a little person appears out of nowhere. Does it make you want to buy the T-shirt? We ourselves can't decide.

Magic Flakes' "Sticker"

Full disclosure: We love Magic Flakes. That's why we don't get how anyone came up with this ill-advised ad. It dramatizes a robbery in a dark alley. The suspect takes the woman's bag. Out of fear (supposedly), the woman yells, "Kunin n'yo na po ang lahat 'wag lang ang aking pagkababae (Take everything except my virtue)!" Yes, that's right. A reference to rape in an ad for crackers. It wasn't funny in 2005 and it sure isn't funny now.

Bravo's "Bagsik"

A middle-aged man, a fast car, and a scantily clad woman make up the giant cliche that is this ad for a "dietary supplement" for men. Just in case anybody misses anything, they make the guy say, "Vrooom! Vroooom!"

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Drivemax's "Tatagal Ka Ba?"

While Bravo used a car to symbolize virility, this one uses a garden hose. The pièce de résistance, though, is the animated arrow at the end of the ad. Watch at your own risk.

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