8 Powerful Films About Women on Disney+

These hidden gems on Disney+ deserve a spot on your watchlist.

If you’re already subscribed to Disney+, you’ve probably noticed that the streaming platform has an impressive library of shows and films but some of its gems are hidden from the featured lists. For Women’s Month, we’ve come up with this list of stirring, impactful films about women that you’ll only find on this platform if you’re watching in the Philippines. 


10 Powerful Films About Women Based on True Stories

1 | Qualified

Qualified dives into the story of Janet Guthrie, the first woman to qualify for the Indy 500 at a time when the world was not ready for a female racecar driver. 

2 |  The Real Queens of Hip-Hop

Produced by an all-female team, The Real Queens of Hip-Hop looks at the evolution and impact of women in the American Hip-Hop scene, as told by the trailblazers of the genre themselves. 

3 |  Women of Impact: Changing the World


This documentary tells the stories of women who’ve changed the world and made it a better place. Powerful, stirring, and historic, this documentary is something to add to your watchlist. 

4 |  Hidden Figures

As NASA eats the space dust left by the Russians as they beat them in earth orbit, a group of black women at Houston work silently to make sure the Americans quickly follow suit. But they meet a lot of hurdles because of their color and gender.

5 |  Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

We’ve written about how Wakanda Forever is all about grief, but it also projects black women totally empowered in a matriarchal society that views men as equals (unlike in Wonder Woman). But frankly, Angela Basset’s award-winning performance as Queen Ramonda is absolutely worth the movie’s 2.5 hours of reel. 

6 |  Hysterical

Hysterical is a backstage pass into the lives of groundbreaking female standup comedians in a world where men have always gotten to do things first, including standup comedy. Hilarious, intelligent, and incisive, Hysterical is a perfect title to describe the documentary. 

7| Jane

A deep dive into the life and work of esteemed primate researcher Jane Goodall, this documentary is a celebration of how Goodall changed the way scientists viewed animals—that they, too, can have feelings and emotion as acute as humans. Initially ridiculed by the scientific community, Goodall is now among the most revered figures in the scientific world. 

8 |  Queen of Katwe

Before Queen’s Gambit, there was Queen of Katwe—a stirring film about how a Ugandan girl’s life changed forever when she discovers her talent for chess. The film is one of the few that scored 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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