Creepshow Is the Perfect '80s Horror-Comedy Remake by Shudder


No other decade can pull off horror and comedy better than the '80s. Shudder is bringing back that flair with the Creepshow series, based on the '80s George Romero-directed, Stephen King-scripted movie franchise of the same name, which, in turn, was based on comics from the 1950s.

“Thankfully, Greg Nicotero made it ,” says Danielle Lyn, Filipino-American actress who plays Celia Mendez in one of the epsiodes. “So he and the creative team really masterminded their own spin on the iconic comedy horror genre and that cult-classic feel found in the films, while delivering the stream-worthy anthology take that’s made original content so in demand.”

The premiere episode consists of two horror tales. In a tribute to Stephen King’s gory horror antics, Nicotero adapts the novelist's short story "Gray Matter." The tale is about cops investigating a man whose beer had turned into something absolutely horrific. The second tale, “The House of the Head,” is an adaptation of a story by Bird Box author Josh Malerman. “Head” is about a girl whose dollhouse is becomes home to a severed head that refuses to leave. It starts doing mischievous things when no one is looking.

Danielle Lyn as Celia Mendez in Creepshow

Photo by Shudder.

In a different episode, the iconic ‘80s Creep sets up the show so you know you’re in for a medley of comic horror, blood, and laughs.

Creepshow keeps the classic '80s vibe alive.

The Creepshow series keeps that classic ‘80s creep, and delivers its own 2019 horror. The showrunners continued into the series teaming with the film’s original writer Stephen King so the first episode plays off one of his stories and has an original cast appearance, pays homage, so that sets up for the rest of our stories that go in all different directions.

A big difference is that the six episodes of the show are seen through many vignettes, and reflect the talents that make each episode unique and terrifying. “The wide net of twisted tales are each stories and worlds of their own, and in that way the series really stands alone, while still honoring its namesake film origin,” says Lyn.

Creepshow has a cult following.

“Audiences will really love the comic book coming to life story to story within each episode. It’s almost like a Faberge egg for horror. I think that approach to storytelling serves to draw in a diverse audience, which makes it fresh, and in step with streaming culture, which is really how original contents being consumed nowadays,” says Lyn.

Danielle Lyn’s episode, “Lydia Layne’s Better Half” airs on October 17. To that effect, the powerful woman is Lydia, and her protégée and lover is Celia (played by Lyn), who is headstrong, and ambitious. Lydia denies a promotion to her protégée and lover but fails to anticipate the fallout.

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Filipino Actress Danielle Lyn

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