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Cleanse Your Palate of All the Unsavory Elections News with this Trailer of a Puppy Movie

2019 won't be ALL bad!
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Much of this week's news about who's filing their candidacy for the 2019 elections has been disheartening, to say the least. When politicians simultaneously emerge from the shadows to announce who's running for what, the circus of Philippine politics tends to disappoint more than usual.

So to keep your spirits up—and God knows we all need to keep our spirits up—behold the super-adorable trailer for A Dog's Way Home, an upcoming film starring Ashley Judd and, for some reason, Bryce Dallas Howard as the voice of a live-action dog.

We know what you're thinking. The dog is very cute, but this is not a promising movie, and not a movie you'd watch sober. In fact, its predecessor, A Dog's Purpose, was not good at all—so there really is very little to hope for as far as quality cinema is concerned.

But Jesus H. Christ, Philippines. Juan Ponce Enrile, now 94, says he'll be trying for another term in Senate next year. Imee Marcos—the unapologetic daughter of a deposed plunderer globally recognized to be one of the worst dictators in modern history—will be running too. Then all the blowhards we know too well are rearing their ugly heads, along with familiar names from ghosts of Philippines past. It's every responsible citizen's duty to pay attention to the news cycle in times like these—the preludes to our future as a nation—but a man can only stay tuned to this for so long before wanting to implode or emigrate, and neither is an option we'd openly recommend.


So think of this trailer as a palate-cleanser—a palliative to this week's news cycle. In these dark times, you'd be forgiven for taking a moment to appreciate this cute puppy and the story of how she will find her way home to her human. And come 2019, you may even consider seeing A Dog's Way Home for yourself, or with your loved ones, if only to temporarily escape our seemingly inescapable future.

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