Alden Richards is Definitely Not Thor in His Next TV Series

He is Victor Magtanggol.

Alden, my man, you almost had us with that last project of yours, Alaala: A Martial Law Special. We thought, hey, here's a guy who has a huge platform—he is, after all, the "pambansang bae," as it were—and he's actually using it to tell an important story. We think it's awesome that you stuck your neck out and risked your glistening celebrity status in the name of making a stand for truth, which is a very, very cool thing to do.

But just as we've commended you for that, man, we've got to to keep it real: So far, this new thing you're working on isn't looking so fresh.

See, a movie came out earlier this year—it's a little on the indie side, so we wouldn't blame you if you didn't get to catch it. It's called Avengers: Infinity War. We won't spoil the plot for you, since you still might want to see it in a microcinema or something. But one of the characters in that movie is named Thor, and he looks just like your new character, Victor Magtanggol. Check it:

Thor wields a similar weapon, wears similar armor, and has even lived in a similar palace. Before Infinity War, Thor was in at least five other movies since 2011; and before that, he was a comic book character, who first appeared in 1962's Journey into Mystery #83. So yeah, he's been around for a while now, certainly predating Victor Magtanggol. But don't take our word for it:


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Also—and we hate to break it to you; we're sure you had no hand in this—the showrunners' creative decisions regarding your theme song have been, as the kids say, "Lame AF." In case you missed it, Ex Battalion isn't just a band of sweaty pretenders. They're also political tools, who have contributed, albeit very indirectly, to a system that favors the very same powers that your other character, Bonifacio Ilagan, continues to fight against in real life. Okay, fine, that's a bit of a reach, but our point is that you can lend your voice to much better than Ex Battalion.

So while it may come as a bit of a surprise to you, it looks like your new show may have borrowed a few too many things from Thor. Maybe the special effects people didn't tell you what they had in mind while you were shooting against green screen. Or maybe that mask impaired your vision so gravely that you couldn't see your own costume. We get it, man, it's all good. We just thought we'd give you a heads-up, so you can maybe pick better projects next time—projects like Alaala.

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