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The 10 Best Movies to Watch If You've Been Addicted to Among Us

Can you find the impostor here too?

Even if you haven't played it, you've probably heard about it by now: Among Us. Not only has the game been the most downloaded game during the quarantine, it has also served as a way to campaign in American politics. It has even started a whole series of memes around it. Plus, there are even rumors that Netflix could be interested in adapting it into a movie.

Speaking of: the subgenre of cinema that best fits the essence of this successful video game is whodunit, that is, those stories in which the objective is to find the person responsible for a crime. If you have addicted to Among Us and are now looking for movies of this style, here, we recommend the best ones.

Knives Out

No one can resist this Rian Johnson film, which brings together a spectacular cast (Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Daniel Craig, Don Johnson, and Christopher Plummer, to name a few) and puts us in front of a plot full of tension, twists, mystery, and a delusional sense of humor. The conflict? The patriarch of a very wealthy family has just been assassinated, and everything indicates that the person responsible is among the members of his family who were in the mansion that night. There's also the case of his poor nurse (played by Ana de Armas).

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Like Among Us, this film by Daniel Espinosa takes place in a spaceship where its crew also have to do tasks to survive while living with a threat that they can't identify. Although here, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds could be facing the first evidence that intelligent life exists on Mars.

Murder on the Orient Express

If Agatha Christie were alive, she'd be playing Among Us for sure. After all, it is very similar to her mystery novels. The iconic author created one of the most iconic whodunits, Murder on the Orient Express, which was brought to the big screen in 1974 with a whole panel of actors, from Lauren Bacall to Sean Connery. If you are one of those who likes modern adaptations more, you also have Kenneth Branagh's from 2017, with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer. But, the story is the same: a murder is committed on a moving train, and its up to detective Hercules Poirot to solve it.



We return to space, although without colorful uniforms and funny hats, for another mystery plot: the sun is about to go out and a team is trying to stop it by blowing it up with a good load of explosives. But, the constant technical problems of the ship in which they travel makes you think a crew member is sabotaging the mission... OK, he doesn't pull out a knife and treacherously rips people to pieces around the ship's dark corners, but it certainly looks a lot like the way Among Us works. Will they be able to solve the mystery and reach their destination in time before Earth runs out of its greatest vital sustenance?


If you've ever played Cluedo, you will have realized that Among Us didn't invent the wheel. The best proof of this is to revisit this film from the '80s wherein the famous game was told in a fictional story. You already know the story: various characters of all kinds meet in a mansion at the invitation of a stranger and, in the middle of the evening, the lights go out and the host (who had been blackmailing them for years) appears dead. How do you find out who the culprit is if everyone had a reason to get him out of the way? The video game discussion room is a joke compared to this movie.


The Thing

They may not be in space doing tasks on a spaceship, but in this John Carpenter film they get pretty close to the essence of Among Us: a group of isolated people in the same place (in this case, an Antarctic experiment station) who discover that one of them could be an impostor (specifically, be infected with a deadly alien being) that it could kill them all. Although the game lacks something that this film does have: Kurt Russell being the boss.


In this James Mangold film, a group of complete strangers become trapped in a seedy motel after the events of a near-apocalyptic storm. Their refuge turns into a nightmare when they discover that there is a murderer among them. If you enjoy looking for the impostor among the players of Among Us, you will also do so in this film with John Cusack.


More impostors in space? We're not running out: in this Steven Soderbergh movie, which is in the same league as The Thing and Sunshine, a ship becomes the setting for a mission which is being sabotaged by some members of the crew. Survival is at stake, but who knows if they can find the imposters before it's too late.



The Scream saga always has a new surprise prepared who's hiding under the white mask. It is a full-fledged Among Us, only that the arena multiplies and the killer is much more cruel and imaginative than the one in the game. It all starts with a phone call and turns into an exciting, tense, and terrifying hunt.

Murder By Death

What happens when a billionaire invites the best detectives in the world to his mansion to pose a major challenge: someone is going to die at midnight—and, it's their job to find out who the murderer is? A very juicy game for any lover of mysteries.

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