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Angelito, the Short Film That Bridges Heneral Luna and Goyo, Has Some Very Relevant Quotes

Jerrold Tarog's short film may now be seen online.

If you saw I'm Drunk, I Love You in cinemas last year, you may have already seen Jerrold Tarog's Angelito, an 18-minute short film that takes place immediately after the events of Heneral Luna, and serves as a bridge to the upcoming Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. It tells the story of Angel Bernal (Tomas Santos), the younger brother of Jose and Manuel Bernal (Alex Medina and Art Acuna), who were aides of General Antonio Luna.

But if you didn't get to catch Angelito last year, don't worry: the official Facebook page of Goyo has just uploaded the entire short film to help bring you up to speed.

Check it out:

While Angelito has a little of the sort of action sequences that made Luna so popular, its real star is the dialogue. The short film seems to be written very purposefully, as if with consideration for the real-life events that followed in the wake of Heneral Luna. Here are a few of the standout quotes that are worth pondering, especially as we head into Goyo:


"Mas mahalaga para sa kababayan natin kung kaninong idolo ka tapat, kaysa kung ano ang paninindigan mo. Lumalaban sila dahil lumalaban ang idolo nila."

"Bingi sa katwiran ang taong may sinasambang idolo. Tandaan mo 'yan."

"Ang idolo, kailangan ng bulag na mananamba para mabuhay. Ang pinuno, kailangan lang magtanim ng kamalayan sa tao upang umusbong ang kanilang taglay na lakas ng loob."

"Idolo o pinuno—ano ang masnararapat sa Presidente?"

Catch Goyo when it hits theaters on September 5. For updates, follow the film's official Facebook page.

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