The Only Thing More Awesome than Harrison Ford is Anime Harrison Ford

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Take a second to realize that somehow, at 75 years old, Harrison Ford is gaining his second (or perhaps even his third) wind as a pop culture icon. Over the past few years, Ford has reprised all of his iconic roles: Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and now, Rick Deckard for Blade Runner 2049. And these we’re not even talking cameos in franchise reboots—we’re talking bona fide comebacks in canon sequels that have had him return as the same character, and as part of the main cast. That he even managed to land the leading roles for three franchises that all went on to become seminal works of cinema is itself a stroke of Ford’s indisputable charisma—but that he’s at it again as a septuagenarian? That just proves that he’s always been worthy of the heroes he played.

The most recent Harrison Ford comeback, Blade Runner 2049, is set 30 years after the original Blade Runner. Ford’s character has since been on the run, and will now finally resurface when he crosses paths with Officer K, played by Ryan Gosling.

Not much else has been revealed about the events of 2049, but to give the film a background, director Denis Villeneuve commissioned three shorts, each set in the interim between the original Blade Runner and its upcoming sequel. We’ve shown you the most recent one, in which a Replicant Batista goes batshit on some cops, and now we’re waiting on the final one: an anime directed by Cowboy Bebop’s Shinichiro Watanabe. The short film drops on September 29, but they’ve released a sneak peek as well. Make sure to turn on subtitles:


The trailer doesn’t give us much to work with yet, but considering Watanabe’s work with The Animatrix—an anime prequel series to The Matrix— it’s reasonable to expect a respectful expansion of the Blade Runner universe. But if we get to see anime Harrison Ford and anime Ryan Gosling duke it out with some anime Replicants, that’d already be more than enough.

Catch Blade Runner 2049 as it hits theaters in the Philippines on Friday, October 6.

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