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We’ve seen Parasite a couple of times: twice when it came out, and another time when it won four Oscars. Rewatching a film allows you to pick up things you might have missed during your first viewing, but after watching Parasite three times, we did not expect that we still missed a lot.

We were blown away after watching this video. Apart from revealing the genius metaphors director Bong Joon-ho employed in creating the film, it also unlocks the meaning behind certain nuances in the film only Koreans would understand, such as the symbolism behind the Ram-Don noodle, a seemingly affordable noodle that all Koreans enjoy.

Joon-ho used Ram-Don noodle—a basic commodity—to signify the huge wealth disparity between the Kims and the Parks. The fact that the Parks regularly cook Ram-Don and top it with the most expensive Korean beef and casually eat it as a midnight snack baffles Mrs. Kim. 

In this 15-minute video, Insider broke down the ending of Parasite and dissected all the messaging, symbolism, and social commentary throughout the film.

Watch the video below.

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