The Perfect Movie to Watch with Every Kind of Mom on Mother's Day

Spend some quality time not talking to each other for a few hours.

No mom is the same, yet we love them all equally. And Hollywood has done its part to give us every type of mom, from rebel warrior fighting the robot onslaught to literal superhero and killer alien queen. Join us as we run down the best moms in movies for you to watch with your own on Mother's Day.

1| Terminator: Judgment Day

For when: Your mom has spent her entire adult life training to protect you from the inevitable war between humans and robots.

2| The Babadook

For when: You’re just trying to read your kid a goddamn pop-up book but fucking monsters keep terrorizing you.


3| Lady Bird

For when: You have a loving but fierce relationship with your mother who still wants you to succeed beneath all that tough love.

4| Boyhood

For when: Your mom has gone through everything to raise you, then breaks down crying when you’re about to go to college because life has passed so quickly, but in reality it only took a three hour movie that was filmed over 12 years.

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5| The Incredibles

For when: Your mom is a literal superhero.

6| Kill Bill

For when: Your mom will stop at nothing—including a coma and getting buried alive—to get justice.

7| Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

For when: Your mom is willing to kick multiple classmates in the crotch.


8| Moonlight

For when: Your mother figure is a kindly neighbor who takes you in when you need a good meal and a place to sleep. And she’s also Janelle Monae.

9| Aliens

For when: You’re a single mother just trying to protect your eggs from Sigourney Weaver.

10| The Big Sick


For when: You’re trying to live life your own way, but also trying to respect the traditions and values of your mother who wants you to have an arranged marriage, but you also have a secret girlfriend who is in a medically induced coma and her mother rather dislikes you being around while she’s in the hospital. Don’t worry. This movie is actually very funny and has a happy ending.

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