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The 15 Best Movies About Sex

A lot of things can go right or wrong when you're trying to get laid.

There are a lot of movies that feature sex, and thus many of them are about the pursuit of it. Which makes sense, since most of us have found ourselves desperately on the prowl for it—and losing our minds when we get it. Here are 15 movies that either poke fun or relish in the most human of activities.


A group of teenage girls vow to lose their virginity on prom night—but not if their parents succeed in their mission to stop them.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Name a sexier horror-comedy-musical. We'll wait.

Love Gaspar

Noé's #D fuckfest probably isn't as mind-blowing on your laptop, but the unsimulated sex scenes are still pretty steamy.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Sure, it's a little cheesy, but name a sexy movie that is this funny (especially since it's not meant to be).

9 1/2 Weeks

This is the movie that Fifty Shades wanted to be, and you can't beat the creepy chemistry between Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke.

Booty Call

This might be the only movie about a madcap search for a pack of condoms. It's a sex comedy with a safe sex message!

Risky Business

What enterprising young man wouldn't operate an escort service out of his home when his parents are out of town?

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

A generation of Hollywood stars appeared in this comedy that revealed the not-so-secret sex lives of California teenagers.


Apparently your horny grandparents did have sex in the '50s if this '80s comedy proves anything.

American Pie

Jason Biggs is probably not the only actor in Hollywood whose claim to fame comes from having sex with food. But his tryst with a pie is iconic nonetheless.

Y Tu Mamá También

One of the sexiest coming-of-age stories follows two teenagers who take a road trip with an older woman. Think of all the possibilities!

Friends With Benefits

They're more than friends, but they're not dating. They're simply boning. A lot.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Steve Carell's titular character tries to use it before he loses it in Judd Apatow's grown-up sex comedy.


It's the movie that convinced white women that they could rock cornrows—and dudes who looked like Dudley Moore that they could land women who looked like Bo Derek.

The Girl Next Door

What do you do when you find out your neighbor is a former porn star? Ask her to prom, of course.

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